Prairies & Lakes Ecoregion

By: Cheyenne, Jaycie

Location and characteristics

The Prairies and Lakes region is North East in Central Texas. Most of the land is used for farming because of its rich black soil. Even though prairies are suppose to be flat it is full of rolling hills.

Wildfires,Tornadoes, Floods

This region is far from the coast but still can have storms. The tornadoes that touch down, created from cool and warm air, tear apart buildings and habitats. Throwing them every where picking up animals and creating a barren land. Floods can also be a major problem , they carry chemicals into streams and drown plants and animals. Wildfires usually started by people has control burns , but can be started by others that get out of control burning everything. But wildfires also do some good ,they bring nutrients back into the soil making better for the plants that come back.

Watersheds and Aquifers

Watershed is runoff that collects in one area. Big Sandy Lake is a water shed in this region it is in three different counties , four cities ,and includes 49 lakes.

An aquifer is a body of water under the ground. The Trinity Aquifer extends across most of central Texas. It is composed of mainly limestone and gravel.