Amazing Art

By: Nicole Athanasiou

Banksy Artwork Defaced

Banksy’s artwork was in Calais camp for migrants. The graffiti stencil of Steve Jobs made by him has been there for ten years.

Although people have traveled from across the world to see this artwork, it has never been under protection. Some reporters, such as Maria Quiban from Fox News, have said it could be an attack on Banksy. Because of this panic, security guards have been hired to ensure his safety.

Investigators suspect that someone from the camp defaced the art. An admirer from the camp said, “Banksy visits at least once a month. I think whoever is claiming someone from the camp did this has lost their mind. We all appreciate him.”

A few others who appreciate his work from outside the camp disagree with this claim. One stated that the art may be misleading or interpreted wrongly.

The stencil is of Steve Jobs, whose father was a migrant. The conditions of the camp are very poor, to the point where they don’t have room for garbage. People have mentioned that Steve Jobs is seen as a capitalist, and a painting of someone wealthy in that environment isn’t appreciated by everyone there.

Banksy hasn’t shared a response with the public yet, but he has an interview on Wednesday to discuss his thoughts.

Tattoos Into Music

Is it possible? A monitorized sensor attached to Dmitry Morozov says yes. It took him just two days to assemble this invention. Dmitry has created instruments out of various objects, including seashells and solar panels. His newest creation can make sounds that reflect the tattoo on the person’s arm.

“It isn’t as complicated as you think,” says Dmitry. The device has a wii remote to sense movements, black line sensors to read the tattoo, a stepper motor to fuel the motor’s trip across the tattoo, and an Arduino Nano that links to the computer.

In the video demonstration various sounds are heard. It doesn’t sound like typical music. At times a piano note is heard, but most of the time there is a rumbling in the background. Dmitry said the invention will improve over time as he works out its flaws.

Many people admire this invention because it reflects the idea of self expression through tattoos and music. Linking these two together could draw an interest from many people. This is the scientist’s first creation that caught the eye of a surplus of people.

Dmitry Morozov’s has made a device that turns air into glitch art and done a study by destroying iPhones to create music. His previous works foreshadow an abundance of new inventions in the era to come.

Weekly Review on Various Works

Cage the Elephant’s new album, “Tell Me I’m Pretty,” was released last month. This album offers a slightly different sound than past albums. The others were more unique, with unexpected changes in tempo or other unexpected noises, whereas this one has very few surprises.

Their self titled album is more acoustic than the following three. The singing is raspy and upbeat. This album demonstrates their influence from alternative and classic rock bands in past eras, like “The Rolling Stones” and “The Temptations.”

“Thank You Happy Birthday” is Cage the Elephant’s second release. This album has a completely different sound than its predecessor, but the meaningful lyrics are still found in each song. The album has a more synthesized sound than the first.

In “Melophobia,” their last release, there are times when the lead singer, Andrew Shultz screams or shouts without any buildup before. Throughout this album the lyrics contribute to a theme of nostalgia.

“Tell Me I’m Pretty” is a cross between “Melophobia” and “Thank You Happy Birthday” with less screaming and originality. The previous records have more unique features, although their new release still remains a good listen with catchy phrases and tasteful tunes.

Book Review

"It's Kind of a Funny Story" takes place in the modern era and deals with teen depression and suicide.The main character, Craig, is having suicidal thoughts so he checks himself into a local hospital. There he learns about the people there and how to cope with his illness.

The first half of the book wasn't exactly boring, but it was a very slow read. It covers his past and what he thinks led to his depression. The boy doesn't have much to complain about, with a supporting family, friends, and a straight A GPA.

Admittedly, everyone can find something in their life they aren't happy with. Craig doesn't see the bright side of things until the end of the book.

Overall, the book has a good message and story behind it. The transformation of the characters over the course of the book was done smoothly. There are more than a few entertaining parts to the book, and even some romance.

This book helps you see the brighter side of things. That theme was conveyed well as the main character learned how to do so himself. I would recommend this book to readers who have interest in young-adult fiction.