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Eastlake Middle School 10.15.2018

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It was a short, but interesting week! Thank you for your focus during the PD. We will certainly address PLC Alignment throughout our upcoming faculty meetings. I was impressed by the discussions happening. Engage and encourage courage during the ongoing dialogue. We are all here to work together in a positive and constructive manner. We got this! Don't forget to post those Eight Triton Traits Posters!! Here are are some key items to consider for this upcoming week:

Rise Up. Change in venue!!! Please refer the students to Room 907 for periods 2 and 3 and Room 704 for periods 5 and 6.

!!Detention!! ATTENTION! Detention will now be housed in the pavilion during lunch with Mr. Diosa.

Expectations Contract! Please don't forget to handout the contracts for student handbooks tomorrow during TSP. If you need more contracts or forgot to pick yours up during the PD last week, please contact Diana Hurst. Please collect them by Wednesday and let us know who did not turn them in. Please return them to Diana by this Friday.

Earthquake Drill. October 18th is the Great American Shakeout. Mr. Nafarrete will have more detail this week.

Safe School Ambassadors. I sent out a list of students who will be joining us this Monday and Tuesday for an all day training. Please refer to the email in regards to any questions. It will be a great training for all involved.

FAC and Coffee with the Principal. We have an FAC meeting this Tuesday. If you have not done so by now, please let your FAC representative know of any concerns. We will touch on the budget and the adjustments that might be needed from us. I will also have a parent meeting on this day as well to discuss some future options to raise funds.

As always, Go Tritons! If you have something that you would like me to share in the Triton Times, please let me know.

Technology Opportunity


Please consider this great PD opportunity. CUE puts together an awesome experience.

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Self-Control (Triton Trait of the Month!)

For the month of October, we will be focusing on Self-control. Don't worry, Kindness Mondays will continue all year long (If you have a kindness challenge, be sure to forward it to Mrs. Rose and the TNT crew).

With Halloween just around the corner, we know the impact of self-control (try making kids eat only one piece of candy!). As we know in working with young individuals, self-control can be one of the hardest traits for a student to master. Let's explore the impact of self-control on students' ability to influence their own future during this month. We know that students who can defer instant gratification will be better off in the long run in many different areas of their lives. Our definition of self-control will be the ability to exercise restraint in light of impulses, desires and emotions.

Consider sharing the following 8 minute YouTube video with your TSP to introduce the Triton Trait of having Self-control. The link the the video is also posted on the Triton Trait Curriculum link on our Systems Hyperdoc. Feel free to add to the list of resources. Here is a video of the marshmallow experiment as well.

In the weeks to come, be sure to nominate students for Triton of the Week who exemplify having self control

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A Message from our Associated Student Body

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Spirit Days and Spirit Points

Hello Team! FYI, The ASB crew made a few adjustments to our 2018-19 Semester 1 Spirit Day & Lunch Activity Schedule.

The most immediate change is this Thursday. Instead of Western Day, we decided to make this Thursday 10/18 "Wear Pink" in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The following week will be Red Ribbon Week, in which we will have a mix of lunch activities and spirit dress up days.

Remember that TSPs with highest percentage of student and teacher participation will earn Spirit Points with a chance of winning a pizza party at the end of the semester.

Here are the current Spirit Point Standings.

8th Grade:

1st Place - Johnston (20 points)

Tied 3rd Place - Cooke (8 points)

Tied 3rd Place - Dukerschein (8 points)

7th Grade:

1st Place - Lopez (18 points)

2nd Place - Taylor (10 points)

3rd Place - Rapp (6 points)

You can view the results of each ASB Spirit Day Count here (there are 2 sheets to view). The kiddos are doing their best to come around to all classrooms in a timely manner on spirit days for counts, but we know that we sometimes make mistakes. If whatever reason, we recorded an incorrect count or we did not make it to your TSP, please feel free to email Mr. Almero or our super awesome Spirit Master, Ms. RaeAnne Datu,

Thank you so much for your time and for all that you do for us Tritons!

The Annual 8th Grade Trip to Disneyland

The Annual 8th grade trip to Disneyland is on Friday, November 3rd. We have 12 chaperone spots available and we invite you to sign up on a first come first serve basis.

Please use the following link to sign up after reviewing and accepting all chaperone responsibilities.

Chaperones will be selected and notified as soon as possible. Unless there are excess spots available, chaperones will receive one ticket (no guaranteed guest).

The ASB is extremely grateful for all of the support given by staff and teachers! Thank you for considering joining in on the fun!


Hyperdoc Link

Click here to access the Hyperdoc for ELM.

Nominate a Sweetwater Star!

Do you know a Triton Staff member doing great things? Let's recognize them at the district level by clicking on this button.

Mandatory Online Training

Please make sure you complete these trainings!

Week At A Glance

October 15-17

Monday, October 15

  • Safe School Ambassador Training (All Periods, Pavilion)
  • Cheer Practice (3:45 Pavilion)

Tuesday, October 16

  • Safe School Ambassador Training (All Periods, Pavilion)
  • Coffee With Cooke (8:30, Library)
  • Cross Country Practice (3:30 ELM Field)
  • Harry Potter Club Meeting (3:30 Room 169)
  • Softball Practice (3:45 ELM Field)
  • PTSO Meeting (6:00 Library)

Wednesday, October 17

  • Art Club Meeting (3:30 Room 206)
  • Cheer Practice (3:45 Pavilion)
  • Baseball Practice (4:30 ELH Fields)

Thursday, October 18

  • ASB Spirit Day: Wear Pink in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • DLI Student Led Conference (3:30 Pavilion)
  • Robotics Practice (3:30, Room 604)
  • Cross Country Practice (3:30 ELM Field)
  • Baseball Practice (4:30 ELH Fields)
  • Let’s Talk College (Times TBD, Library)

Friday, October 19

  • El Dia De Los Muertos Festivities (All Periods, Pavilion)
  • Flag Football Practice (1:30 ELM Field)
  • Robotics Practice (1:00, Room 604)

Down the Road

October 23-31 - National Red Ribbon Week (ASB Spirit Week)

  • Monday – Lunch Activity: Take the Pledge
  • Tuesday – Wear Red to kick off National Red Ribbon Week
  • Wednesday – Wear Orange for National Unity Day
  • Thursday – Lunch Activity: Cigarette Knock Down
  • Friday – Sock-it to Drugs and Tobacco (Crazy Socks Day)

October 27 – Compact for Success Field Trip

October 31 - Halloween

November 1- El Dia De Los Muertos

November 1 – Mod/Sever Fall Festival Dance

November 3 – 8th Grade Disneyland Trip

November 3 – SUHSD Game of Throws Competition and Faire

November 10-11 – SUHSD Robotics Competition

The Message of the Maze

Collaboration and Celebration!

Great work using your strengths to navigate the Maze activity. While it was a fun team building activity, don't forget the message! Lots of the work we are about to embark on will take us in many different directions and at times we may have to backtrack. It can get frustrating as well. We are going to have to lean on our collective talents to find our way through the challenges we will face as we start the tough work of ensuring equitable practices for all students. Thank you for engaging at a high level.
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A Message from our Assistant Principals!

Dr. Shannon Chamberlin and Mendel Nafarrete

Team... Don't forget about the e-referral system. We are here to help!

You can use the new google form in lieu of a paper referral. The AP referral can be found here: There are also e-forms for RISE-Up and Counselor Referrals. All three forms can be found on our Triton Systems Hyperdoc. You can save a copy of the hyperdoc to your desktop for quick access. Simply follow this link to the hyperdoc and then download a copy to your desktop. You need to be logged in to your google drive to access all documents. (ex.