The Development of your Children.

Christi Prater

Child Development Milestones

This Pamphlet is going to include important milestones that your children should be excelling in by different points in their life! If you believe your child is not excelling at the normal development rate please visit a doctor and explain your concern.

Month 2:

Your baby should begin:

- Smiling.

- Making cooing noises.

- Having the ability to follow objects with his/her eyes.

- The ability to push up on their stomach.

- Reacts to noises.

Month 4:

Your baby should begin:

- Rolling over on their own, also sits without support.

- Recognizing people.

- Showing emotions (including fear of strangers.)

- Brings objects to mouth.

- Begins babbling.

Month 6:

Between months 4-6 their is roughly the same type of development, but month 6 goes a little further with:

- Beginning to point.

- Moving one thing from one hand to the other.

- Begins making clearer sounds (ex. "mamamama".)

Month 9:

During month nine your baby should began:

- Crawling, pulling to standing position.

- Ability to play Peek-a-Boo.

- Grasp smalls foods between thumb and index finger.

- Tries to repeat words (ex. daddy= "dada".)

Month 12:

Now your precious baby is a year old, but the development continues:

- Waves "bye-bye".

- Understands simple directions (ex. "do not put that in your mouth".)

- Starts to use items correctly (ex. Hairbrush, comb, toothbrush, cup, etc.)

- Has the ability to put things into containers and take them back out, finds hidden objects.

- Begins walking!

Month 18:

Now that your baby is over a year old they began looking at things a little more intellectually:

- Ability to focus on what they are doing in that specific moment.

- Crawling, standing, walking have all been accomplished.

- Begins saying small "words" (ex. dada, mama, papa, etc.)

- Begins scribbling.

2 years:

We're officially away from the baby stages and into the toddler years, there is still much more developing to go!

- The temper tantrums will begin.

- Ability to undress themselves.

- Drinks from a cup.

- Begins pretend playing.

- Moves up and down the stairs (both feet on one step.)

- Increased vocabulary.

3 years:

Your toddler should begin:

- Playing with other children.

- Have the ability to kick a ball.

- Able to stand on their tiptoes.

- Runs!

- Speaks in short sentences.

- Thrive with routine.

4 years:

The last milestone I will be covering, your toddler should now begin:

- Follows two-step directions (ex. "Get the hairbrush and brush your hair.")

- Sorts objects into groups.

- May begin showing which hand is their dominant.

- Carry on conversation.

- Use Scissors,

- Play make believe.

- Dress and undress themselves.