Proud Family Movie

By Tia Williams

Proud Family Background

The Proud Family is a Disney Channel orginal movie which premiered August 19th, 2005. The director of The Proud Family Movie is Bruce W. Smith. The producers are Bruce W. Smith, Willard Carroll, and Ralph Farquhar. The proud family movie got an NAACP Image award for outstanding supporting in a comedy series. The main characters in the proud family movie are Oscar proud, fifteen cent, dijonay jones, penny proud, Trudy proud, suga mama, & Dr carver

About the proud family movie

Penny Proud is almost 16 and her dad Oscar still treats her like a child. Instead of celebrating her sweet 16 with her friends she has to go on a vacation to the tropical legume island with her family. But on it the evil dr carver hopes to take over the world.

Favorite part of the movie?

My favorite part of the proud family movie was when penny and her friends had a dance off with the peanuts!

Why would I recommend this movie?

I would recommend this movie because it's funny and it's a enjoyable movie that everyone can watch.