Canada the best country to live in

By: Lynda Beattie


I personally think Canada is the greatest country to live in. There's so many reasons why I think Canada is the greatest country to live in and I am going to tell you some.
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Living/The future (2050)

Canada is the greatest country to live in because 70% of Canadians own their own homes, cars, devices, appliances etc. This means a lot of people can afford their own stuff and that means people aren't in poverty and that's a huge thing that happens worldwide. Another reason why Canada's the greatest country to live in for the living area is because, A lot of things get imported into Canada so that means people can but their own stuff. In the future, sometime in 2050, I think things will be more advanced. In 2050, I think people will have more babies, cars will be more advanced, technology will be way more advanced etc.


Canada's population is always growing. The current number of people living in Canada is 35.16 million. 250,000 immigrants mostly from China, India, Pakistan and the Philippines are accepted into Canada each year. Canada's population has various of types of immigrants. Canada's birth rate is 1.67 children per woman. 31% of the population in Canada live in the largest cities which include: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton.


Healthcare is a big thing that happens everywhere. What Canadians really love about the Healthcare in Canada is that the healthcare is free. You can get access to healthcare everywhere for every one of Canada's residents/citizens. Canadians don't die to the lack of health insurance. In other countries such as the United States, people do die from the lack of health insurance. In Canada, free healthcare stays with you for the rest of your life.

How is Canada's healthcare better? Here are a few reasons why:

- In Canada everyone is automatically covered at birth - In the United States, under Obamacare, 31 million Americans will be uninsured by 2023 and millions of more Americans will be underinsured

- In Canada a majority of Canadians love their healthcare - In the United States, the majority of citizens, physicians, and nurses prefer the Canadian type system – single-payer, free choice of doctor and hospital , everybody in, nobody out.

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Environment/Primary industry

The environment in Canada is so great. Canada is known for their famous animal the geese. Across Canada, there are 42 national parks, 2000 provincial parks and wilderness areas. There are so many forests across Canada. The environment in Canada also provides a lot of jobs. Some of the jobs that require an environmental purpose is; logging companies, manufactures of wood, newspapers/papers, furniture etc.

environmental importance of forestry:

- provides animals homes (habitats)

- forests soak up large amounts of rainfall

- provides oxygen

Enjoyment importance of forestry:

- Activites such as: camping, hiking, hunting

- Natural beauty and peace of forestry

- scenery

Interaction in the physical environment - oil sands

Oil sands is a big problem in Canada. Canada is going to fix the oil sands problem by making an environmentally friendly method. Canada's oil sands make . Canadian oil sands have imported almost $5.6 billion in manufactured goods. They also make a lot of business across Canada. In 2012, 121,500 people were employed in Alberta oil sands. Alberta is expected to grow over 500,00 jobs in the next few years. In 2028, Albertas oil sands I'm expected to grow over 800,00 jobs.

Climate - the best climate

If you like the cold, you will love Canada. Canada is known for it's cold temperatures. During the winter months, the weather in Canada is freezing cold. In the summer time, Canada is very hot. The fall and spring months are normal. In my opinion, I think the best region in Canada to have the best climate is Cordillera. Cordillera has the best climate because they have wet, mild snow but it barely stays on the ground, Also, during the summer months, Cordillera has warm summers ( so it's not too hot there ) and less rain.
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Canada's education system is ranked the best overall. Once you graduate high school, you go off to college or university. Here are some of the reasons why you should study in Canada: - Canada hosts 240,000 international students at all levels of study combined
- Canada ranks the 6th most popular destination for international students
- From 2001 to 2011, the amount of people who went to school and studied here in Canada went up by 100,00
- International students from all over the world come to Canada for education purposes
- Canada derives 8 billion annually from international student expenditures including tuition and living expense
- Canada's education has provided 83,000 jobs for students
- Generated 291 million in government revenue

A good and safe place to live in

In Canada there are little violence that happens. It is illegal in Canada to own or even use a gun without valid Firearms license. Only 1.3% of Canadians have been assaulted in a one year period. The homicide rate was been declining since 1975 and was 1.3 in 2011. This rate is one-third of the USA'S rate which was 4.80. To make sure you want to live in a safe, secure environment, you have to ask these questions to yourself: How safe is the area?, How secure is the building/living space? and Is the building well equipped to prevent a fire? When deciding to live in a safe place, asses the safety of the area. Look for evidence of crime/vandalism of the building/area. Look on the news, internet, newspaper for crime in the area you are looking to live in to make sure you are living in a safe area. If you are very concerned about safety and you have time to research, review old community newspapers for crime reports.

Recreational activites/Scenerys

There are so many fun recreational things you can do in Canada. Since in Canada we have extremely cold temperatures there are a lot of things we can do in the winter months such as go skiing, tobogganing, hockey, snowboarding etc. Some of the recreational activities we can do in the summer are; swimming, golf, etc. Some of the famous scenery's in Canada are the Niagara Falls, Toronto (CN Tower), Calgary etc.