Batesville Elementary

May: Our Pieces Begin to Form a Fuller Picture of Excellence

Love; Excellence; High Expecatations; Family; & the 4Bs Coming to Fruition

We began this year 9 months ago with an ambitious and audacious goal of forming a culture filled with our Campus Commitments to LOVE, EXCELLENCE, HIGH EXPECTATIONS, FAMILY, & the 4 Bs. I am proud of our team, our students, and our school community for pushing through the many challenges that arise every school year in order to keep our focus and keep our commitment. I am sure the only way for a person, a group, or our school to truly become excellent is by being unwavering in our commitment to excellence. I have seen it in students who have gone from being 1 and 2 years below level to moving beyond grade level expectations. I have seen it in our staff and the countless sacrifices they make to bring their best selves to work as they fight through illness, personal challenges, and fatigue to be models of excellence every day. May is a wonderful time to be a Bobcat, and I cannot be prouder to be one piece in our fuller picture of Excellence at Batesville Elementary!

Nothing Can Stop Us Now as we Race to Meet our Goals!

Key Dates to Remember

May 6th- Camp Read/Summer School Parent Meeting (430-530pm)

May 8th- Kinder and 6th Grade Cap & Gown Pics (230pm start with Kinder)

May 9th- UCISD Sports physical @ UHS 6pm

May 13th- STAAR Math (Closed Campus)

May 14th- STAAR Reading (Closed Campus)

May 15th- STAAR Science (Closed Campus)

May 17th- AVANCE Future Bobcat Visit

May 22nd- PBIS Festival of Love, Excellence, High Expectations, Family & the 4 Bs

May 24th- 6th Grade Brunch (8am)

EC-2nd Awards- 930am

3rd-6th Awards- 130pm