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Virtual Learning - How to Support Your Student

Parents, we know that trying to support your students in this virtual learning environment can be difficult. We recognize that often times you are at work when your student is participating in their remote learning. We also recognize that you are likely not familiar with our new Learning Management System, Canvas. We hope this newsletter is a resource to help you help your student to be as succesful as possible.

Tip 1: Help your student set up a schedule for the day, including wake up time, work time, breaks and meals.

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Tip 2: Assist your student on Sunday with mapping out when they will work on specific assignments for their classes. This will keep them from feeling overwhelmed with several days of remote work. Below are a couple of templates that they can use to get their assignments organized.

Tip 3: Encourage your student to check their CANVAS inbox and Gaston County Schools email daily to make sure they do not miss important annoucements from their teachers. Also, encourage them to contact their teachers through CANVAS or by email, if they have ANY questions or concerns about completing and submitting assignments.

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Tip 4: Below is a video link that shows you how to become an observer on your student's CANVAS account. This allows you to see what they should be working on and if they are completing their assignments.

Canvas Parent Login
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Tip 5: Encourage your student to log in to their Powerschool accounts to make sure they are staying on top of any missing assignments.

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Edgenuity Students

If your student is using Edgenuity for one class or for all classes please have them log in to their account regularly so that you can see how they are doing. There are reports in Edgenuity that will show you their progress, when they log in and how long they are working. Edgenuity class reports outline dates that lessons should be completed, with some flexibiility as it is self-paced. Most students should be about 70% complete with classes that are semester long and 35% complete for classes that are yearlong. If you would like your student's Edgenuity login please contact your student's grade level counselor at Southwest. Our contact information is below.

Southwest School Counselors

Mrs. Murrell - 6th Grade Counselor

Mrs. Watts - 7th Grade Counselor

Mrs. Weathers - 8th Grade Counselor