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Dr. Charles Livingston Fat Loss Factor review- Although weight loss is an integral part of the transformation of the body, people are still too focused on the numbers on the scale. Your body weight represents the weight of the entire contents of your body that is composed of a large proportion of water, muscle and fat.

And every time you lose a few pounds in kilograms of a mixture of hidden water, muscle and fat. At the beginning of weight loss, it is most pounds lost at the expense of water in the body, because it is the fastest and easiest way to lose.

However, rather than advancing our weight loss, the more the ratio of the amount of water lost muscle and fat varies. And believe it or not, unfortunately, the wrong approach, often achieved to lose more water and muscle rather than fat. Excess fat is the one main reason why we all started with weight loss.

Why? You're too focused only on weight loss, which means that you are doing things that promote more muscle loss than fat, which is actually your goal. Grease may very well be related to what the adjective as lazy and slow, because it is very difficult "left" used as a source of energy, unless, of course, necessary. Fat will be spent in situations where the body will be a lack of food for a long time, or the time when the body anyhow requires only a minimal amount of energy,

while sitting, walking and even sleep. However, if our body is weary so that it requires a lot of energy in a short time, the body begins to first expend energy from muscles, because they are more active and willing to give the body energy as soon as it needs. So, when running a typical cardio workout for " burning calories and fat,

"which requires a lot of energy for a longer period of time, you lose weight at the expense of muscle mass, not fat.
Who among you will perhaps think nothing so important that you lose weight, because that was your primary goal. If only it were so easy.

Despite the fact that the muscles are heavier than fat (when looking to quantify), they are also more metabolically active than fat, which means to consume more calories. So, if you want to replace your excess fat to lean body mass, perhaps at first did not notice the difference in the number of kilograms .

At the beginning, you may find that you first what kilogram gain before you begin to lose fat.
In the long run, it will naturally leaner and more defined, because your body burns more calories. And these calories your body burns fat from. Consumption of calories from unwanted fat (and not just from muscle and water) is the one that will help you to slimmer and more structured body.

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