10 Safety Rules in the Science Lab

Keeping the Science Labortatory a Safe Environment

Always think about the rules below when in the Laboratory

1. Backpacks and books are to remain in an area designated by the instructor and shall not be brought into the lab area

2. Never sit on laboratory tables

3. Goggles are to be worn during the activity or investigation, clean up, and through hand washing

4. Glassware is to be washed with hot, soapy water and scrubbed with the appropriate type and sized brush, rinsed dried, and returned to its original location

5. Work area should be kept clean and neat at all times. Work surfaces are to be cleaneded at the end of each lab or activity

6. Do not return unused chemicals to the reagent cleaner. Follow the insructor and shall not be brought into the lab area

7. Avoid inhaling fumes that may be generated during an activity or investigation

8. Remember that hot glass looks the same as cold glass. After beating, glass remains hot for a very long time. Determine if an object is hot by placing your hand close to the object but do not touch it

9. Never fill pipettes by mouth suctioned. Always use the suction bulbs or pumps

10. ALWAYS make sure instructor is their to conduct experiment