Potala Palace

home place of Emperor Songtsen Gampo


Potala Palace is located in Tibet. This holy palace is on the Red Hill Central Lhasa. It is a Holy Hill in south Tibet.
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A short description

The Potala Palace has two palaces inside of one. There is a Red Palace or Potrang Marpo. Then, there is a White Palace or Potrang Karpo. Potala Palace has 13 stories in total. The palace is treasured by many cultures' relics such as: murals, stupas, and statues. There are more than 1,000 rooms which are numbered by a name and a number. The palace also has a very high altitude. Potala Palace is fronted by the Great Plaza.

A Short History

Potala Palace dates all the way back to the seventh century. It was mostly destroyed during a war in the collapse of a dynasty. It was rebuilt in the sixteenth century during the Qing Dynasty. In the Red Palace the Dharma Cave and Saints Chapel were constructions of the seventh century. In 1960's and 1970's the palace was not invaded or stacked by the red guards which kept the artifacts inside preserved. It is said that Emperor Songtsen Gampo used the palace as a Meditation period and eventually had added more to the palace. He also added more to the palace for Princess Wencheng and Princess Bhrikuti. To rebuild the palace they hired 7,000 workers and 1,500 artisans or craftsman. The palace joined the cultural heritage sites in 1994. It is a stone a wood structure with many steps.

Red Palace

The Red Palace is seven stories tall and is painted red to symbolize stateliness and power. This is the highest part in the palace and the center of it is used for religious study and Buddhist prayer. The Red Palace has a very complicated layout with winding passages, halls, chapels, and libraries. The Dharma Cave and the Saints Chapel are the only constructions left from the seventh century. The Red Palace is called Potrang Morpo.

The White Palace

The White Palace otherwise known as Potrang Karpo, used to be the office building of Tibet. The color white symbolizes peace and quiet which is why this part of the palace is white. Just like the Red Palace has the Great East Hall, the White Palace has the Great West Hall on the 4th floor. On the fifth and sixth floor there are living quarters and on the seventh floor is the living area of Dalai Lama. On this floor there is two parts the East Chamber of Sunshine and the West Chamber of Sunshine.

What Religion or Group Considers This Place Sacred?

The Potala Palace is known a Buddhist sight. It is said that the Buddha of Compassion had once been there. This is why it is also sacred to the Buddha of Compassion. The Potala Palace is also home of the golden handwritten Buddhist scriptures. Inside the palace there are 34 Buddha halls. Buddhist people believe in spirits not Gods.

Why Is The Place Sacred To This Group

The Potala Palace is sacred to Buddhist because of the Buddha of Compassion. Buddhist believe in spirits not Gods. The palace has many Buddha halls and worship rooms. The Dalai Lama and his monks once lived here. According to Buddhist the palace was known as "Buddha's Mountain"
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Potala Palace Tibet Another Wonder of The World

In this video Naomi gives a description about the palace and how she feels that even though this is not one of the seven wonders of the world it is an amazing piece of ancient work.