Responsiveness to Instruction

What is RtI?

  • a multi-tiered framework which promotes school improvement through engaging, high quality instruction

  • employs a team approach to guide educational practices, using a problem-solving model based on data, to address student needs and maximize growth for all

  • ensuring that all students achieve growth by equipping teachers with what they should know (data and root cause) and how to respond by making appropriate instructional adjustments


What will RtI look like at BMS?

  • AIMSweb assessments

  • WIN classes structured to support learning gaps and to ensure growth for all students

  • Literacy incorporated in all subject areas

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Dates to Know

September 11th: RtI Introduction and AIMSweb Training (PLC)

September 16th, 19th and 20th: AIMSweb screening (through ELA classes)

October 22nd: DATA Day

January 6th - 31st: 2nd AIMSweb screening

February 11th: DATA Day

May 1st - 31st: 3rd AIMSweb screening

June 3rd: DATA Day (finalize all paperwork)

AIMSweb Screening Training