Weapons Used in the Civil War

The ten major guns used in the civil war

The traditional Musket model 1816

This weapon was the main weapon used in the Civil war by both the North and the South. It actually was invented before the civil war used as more of a research project than an actual weapon. A gun smith in Lexington was trying to develop a new weapon that could shoot longer and more accurate. He had just finished making this model 1816 and then the civil war started so he started handing them out to the Union and Confederate soldiers. (He wasn't on a side)

The LeMat Revolver

This was a hand gun used by the Confederate it was invented In the South.

Spencer Carbine 1863

This Rifle was one of the first repeater rifles. Since soldiers only had one shot then they had to reload, this rifle made them more deadly. This rifle fired off a new shot every 30 seconds and it took the average reloading time of a regular rifle about 50 seconds!

The Machine Cannon or "Gatling Gun"

This was THE very first machine gun that shot multiple rounds back to back! It was used by the North and it was a huge part take in the war!

The Union Spy Balloon

This was a huge break through for the North. Spies from the North would hover over the Confederates bases and they would figure out which way they were going to attack the North, that way the North could adjust and attack them where they were least expecting it.

The Neatorama

Small compact pistol used by John Wilkes Booth to assassinate President Lincoln. Also used by the Union and Confederate as an "emergency pistol".

Traditional Cannon

Made out of steel bronze and iron used by both North and South


These were stuck on the ends of guns and many other things for close combat.

The model 1776 and 1796

These were very common in the South and usually only few people in the North had them