Middle School Swimming

Lessons for Years 3 & 4

Middle School Swimming Lessons

The Water Safety and Swimming education program consists of 7 sessions aimed to improve and develop the swimming skills and water safety knowledge of students participating.

Venue: Jack Hort Memorial Indoor Swimming Pool

Date: Monday August 13th to Tuesday August 21st (7 days)

Mode of Transport: McKenzie’s Bus

Leaving School: 11:10 am – 2:30 pm

Cost per Student: $90.00 (to be paid before first lesson)

Special Requirements: Swimming gear in a strong bag, big enough to hold towel, bathers, School clothes and shoes. Goggles optional. A plastic supermarket bag is not suitable.

Risk Assessment Information to all Parents

Safety measures

  • all staff are dressed appropriately to perform an immediate contact rescue
  • each staff member is positioned to account for all students in their respective swimming groups at all times
  • a 'buddy' system is used during lessons and incorporated into the emergency plan as a check of student safety
  • all staff must be prepared for and able to cope with an emergency rescue and apply CPR
  • aids such as ropes, poles and approved buoyancy devices are immediately available at each teaching station and other places where students are swimming or diving
  • swimming programs are not conducted if the water temperature is low and there is a risk of hypothermia
  • students are protected from excessive exposure to sunlight and the resulting sunburn with:
    - hats
    - sunglasses
    - protective clothing
    - broad-spectrum sunscreen creams and lotions
    - waterproof sun creams or clothing while in the water.

Monday, Aug. 13th, 9am

Jack Hort Memorial Pool

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