What's 'App'ening?

A weekly round up of all things Web 2.0 related

Edition 1.0

Welcome to the new weekly round up of websites and IOS apps that you might want to try to either enhance your work flow, make you more productive or help you transform some of your Learning & Teaching aspects. The suggested items are there for you to try, play with & disregard if you don't find them useful.


A great website with a free IOS app to accompany it. Sign up for free and create your own word lists to be used in interactive games to help improve literacy skills. A great little feature is that it makes suggestions for the definition and example sentences for each of the words. I've used it with some technical accounting words so far and only had to edit one of the suggestions myself! Students can log in and play on your word lists from the app or website on their mobile devices too!

Google Translate

Another website that has an App to accompany it. An easy to use tool that allows you to translate into many different languages that may allow you to create some very easy resources for our EAL learners. Ok it doesn't have Somalian but covers most of the other languages that are used in school. You can either copy and paste your text in to the box for an instant translation or use it in the classroom to actually hold conversations with the student. It is possible to speak to the student and use it to translate the keywords you can see they are unable to understand in your conversation. BEWARE some of the translations are not totally perfect but it is good enough to help the general understanding between staff and student.


Socrative is web based tool that allows you to question your students in many different ways in order to establish their understanding in your lesson. Sign up for free at Socrative.com and you can create your own types of quizzes from multiple choice to long/short answers. You are then assigned a "ROOM" number which you can share with students when you want them to take the test. Students need to have access to any web enabled device and I have tried this with many different types of smart phones, IOS devices and laptops. They don't need to sign up to anything just access the room code you have given them. They can work in groups or do it individually. The website will also give you a report of the results so you can use it to inform your next lesson. There is a great little quiz there called an "exit ticket" Make all the students complete it before they leave and it asks them for 3 things they have learnt today, 2 links with other topics or subjects and 1 question they still have. You can easily adapt this quiz to your own specific questions but it is extremely useful. Contact me if you would like to see this in action or want more information on the quizzes or reports

Upcoming Features

Geek of the Week

As the weeks go by we will also start to include "Geek of the Week" as a positive award. We will focus on one member of staff and their experience of using the App or Website. You will be able to hear about the staff feedback and any views from the students where appropriate. It may even give you some ideas of how to adapt the app/website to your own use.