Welcome Back Staff - SY 17-18

August 2017

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Welcome CLES Staff!

Dear Staff,

Summer has been a wonderful time to reflect, recharge and simply, relax! Alayna and I hope you all have enjoyed this time with family, friends and loved ones. We’ve seen some beautiful pictures from your summer adventures, and look forward to sitting down and hearing all about it! Alayna can’t wait to meet and get to know you all.

As usual, the summer was spent collaborating, planning and working hard to make next year special. As I reflected on the past year, I thought a lot about how hard you all worked and the stresses that come along with new initiatives. I reflected on my own strengths as a leader as well as my weaknesses. As you can see from our focus visual for next year, an area we most want to spend time building is our relationships…...relationships with students, with the community and with each other. At the heart of who I am as a person is relationships. Over the last couple of years, this part of me has been overshadowed by the County expectations as well as my own mistakes along the way. However, I want you to know, as a leader I will always strive to improve. Let’s build an inspiring, empowering and engaging school together. ”Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” (Ms. Helen Keller)

As part of our focus on relationships, we will be working with teacher leaders to bring your voices, student voices and community voices together to understand more deeply our needs, concerns and positive solutions. Community circles is one way in which we will provide a forum for all voices to be heard. A circle is said to represent wholeness, completeness and inclusion. All voices are heard and an understanding is developed. We look forward to exploring community circles together this year!

Working with our teacher leaders, we will be planning for our year ahead. Before school starts, the leadership team will be reviewing and reflecting on the Consistency of Practice Agreements that we have developed over the last few years. Together, your dedicated leaders will help refine and streamline these agreements. Our goal is to always provide time for reflection on how our structures and practices are meeting our needs as a staff and a community.

Over the last two years, our focus has been on the Daily Five and Guided Reading. These will continue to be an integral part of our instructional program. However, this year we are moving towards a deeper understanding of mathematics. Our grade level PLC team is planning sessions focused around the book “Putting Practices Into Action.” Stay tuned for more information on the PLC.

Based on feedback from the related arts, their monthly meetings will focus half the year on Canvas and the other half of the year on using Community Circles in their classrooms. A portion of their time at the end of each session will also be available to engage in discussions focused on how to support students with needs. We look forward to their growing expertise and learning from their experiences.

Summer for us always brings a slower pace and the joy that slowing down provides us all. Although I am always sad to see it go, I love the excitement and energy that a brand new year brings. This is one of the best parts of education…..new beginnings, new ideas and new celebrations! Alayna and I are ready to join together with you to plan a year that empowers, engages and inspires our eager students!


Amanda & Alayna

Welcome New Staff Members!!!

School Year 2017-18

Please join us in saying a fond farewell to the following staff:

Jennifer Dimattia (ESOL), who was able to go part-time as a ESOL teacher in HCPSS.
Marisa Kavka (.5 K Para) who was able to go from .5 to 1.0 at CCES.
Lisa Carter (School Psychologist) who was placed with Manor Woods in addition to her other schools.
Jillian Wenger (Speech Language Pathologist) who was placed with another school 1.0 instead of a split position.

Please join us in welcoming all new staff members to CLES:
Assistant Principal - Alayna Lynam
Kindergarten - para .5 - TBD
1st Grade - teacher - Lauren Milligan (new hire - CLES intern)
3rd Grade - teacher - Christina Vettori (Joins us from Gorman Crossing ES)
4th Grade - teacher - Emily Punt (Joins us from Cradlerock ES)
5th Grade - teacher - Karen Manlove (Joins us from Cradlerock ES)
5th Grade - teacher - Caitlin Flynn (new hire - CLES intern)
ESOL - teacher - 1.0 - MeHae Roldan (Joins us from Clarksville ES)
ESOL - teacher - .5 - Julie Reed (new hire)
Media Para - Mary-Anne Venginickal (new hire - previous CLES Long Term Sub)
Technology - teacher - .6 - Sara Hedden (Joins us from Ilchester ES)
Special Education - teacher - Hannah Wilmers (new hire)
School Psychologist - Mary Nalepa (Joins us from Manor Woods)
Speech Language Pathologist - .8 - teacher - Kristin Townsend (Joins us from Bryant Woods)

Changing Assignments:
Liz Alfuente from 4th grade to 2nd grade
Shannon Hardee from 3rd grade to 2nd grade

Leadership Team:
Kindergarten - Co-team leaders: Kris Kalinock and Lisa Cramer
1st Grade - Megan Welsch
2nd Grade - Meagan Monfrida (Teacher Development Liaison)
3rd Grade - Kelly Risolo
4th Grade - Nancy Strigle
5th Grade - Karen Manlove
RA - Francesca Graham/ Ron Pusloskie/ Mike Kilberg
Special Education - Jenni Kinloch
Reading Specialist - Jaimie Shirokobrod
ESOL - MeHae Roldan
GT - Eric Pellegrino
Principal - Amanda Wadsworth
Assistant Principal - Alayna Lynam

Link to updated Staff List:

Link to first week back - schedule:

Shout Out to our Custodial Staff!

Our custodians are working hard, and our building is looking amazing! Please thank them for making our building an A! I will be sharing reminders soon on how we can support the custodians as we set up our rooms for the new year.
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Stay tuned for the New Arrival/ Dismissal Procedures!

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