The Trail of Tears

The Genocide of 1830

By: Ben Hurta

Andrew Jackson

  • 7th President
  • Signed Indian Removal Act


  • Desire For Land
  • New Immigrants
  • Economy
  • Barrier
The Trail of Tears

This is an interactive map that shows the Dangers and Facts about this horrible Genocide.

The March

  • Forced to March
  • Relocated Indians West of the Mississippi
  • Killed thousands
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The Dangerous Route

Land Route (2 Ways)

Water Route

Many faced Drowning, Starvation, and Death or serious injury.

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The Paintings

  • People thought Indians = bellow human
  • Harsh conditions
  • Fear/Anger

The 8 Stages of Genocide

Classification- "us and them"

Symbolization- Indians

Dehumanization- "uncivilized savages"

Organization- The Indian Removal Act

Polarization- Killing Indians for land

Preparation- The Trail of Tears

Extermination- Target Indians are killed

Denial- Hiding records/ Trail of Tears is taught, but not mentioned as a Genocide

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Pyramid of Hate

Subtle Bias - Indian Jokes/stereotyping

Individual Acts of Prejudice - Ruling over Natives

Discrimination - "No Native" areas

Bias Motivated Violence - Taking Indian land/ mass murder

Genocide - Killing Indians

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Bystanders Rally up!

  • Many Anti-Removal Posters
  • Blaming Jackson
  • Demanding education of Genocide
  • Couldn't Assist Indians

No Justice

  1. No Justice served
  2. Natives still don't have land
  3. Guatemalan Genocide

Guatemalan Genocide

  • Mass murder of Mayan Indians
  • 16th Century
  • Destroyed more than 650 Villages


  • Jackson was never tried
  • Indians never got land back
  • Genocide died down over time

Stop the Madness!!!!

Remember that: Jackson caused a Genocide (U.S. Ashamed)


  • Don't discriminate
  • Golden Rule
  • If someone is suffering, HELP
  • End the Genocide!