Equality of genders

Women and men both have equal rights, they both get the same education, and they get a choice in how they live. The people end up helping each other since some live in clans but some don't live these clans.


The government is chosen on who gets to be the president and if the people don't like what they are doing they group up and make a rebellion happen to get what they want back to them. This rarely happen since the government tends to look to the people to make sure they are happy.


The history of the country is pretty bad since they were in constant war which made the Southern Chad fought Northern Chad. They had this go on but it is getting resolved over time by the country.

Type of Energy

They use to use coal for power but were slowly running out of things to keep using this fossil fuel but then they found oil and started to use this and now they are in perfect condition for energy. This allows for a much less limited use of energy but they still use oil for trade and whatever else they need.

Chad Flag


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