my teeth

cheyenne elizabeth holdren

when we got there

when we got there it was crouded but since they wanted it to go very fast and get those darn teeth out they took us back as fast as they could.

when they did it

well first they put a iv in my arm that sort of hert. my mom was not int there so i was mad about that.when they did do it sort of hert when they did my top teeth cause i could sort or feel it more than the bottum teeth

after the surgrey

it was scary cause i felt like i didn't feel like i new any words. i said stuff and i sounded like a baby.after we lifed the place we wen't to my dads office to get some to flush the blood out.

at home at last

when we got home we had to go to the store to get Ben and jarys ice cream and some rainbow sherbert.after that we stopded by cook out and got a milkshake. i got bananna
pudding milkshake.

long stoy short

i held