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The location of Kru is in Liberia


Kru languages, a branch of the Niger-Congo Family that consists of some 24 languages spoken by some three million Kru people living in the forest regions of southern Liberia.


81% are Christians which means that they believe in only one God.

Around 20% are Islamic

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Common Food

Their common food choice is a Japanese tradition/style of food.
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What type of houses they live in

The people of Kru live in rural houses that are near the rain forest, but they are staring to build more houses that are unique to what we have here in the states today.
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The people of Kru wear a very traditional African style of clothing.
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History of Kru

1. The first thing that the Kru people had a problem with is that the Europeans had the Kru people as slaves.

2. They used these people for navigators because it's said that the Kru people were great when it came to traveling on the Pacific Ocean.

3. In 1856 when part of Liberia was still known as the independent Republic of Maryland, the Kru along with the Grebo resisted Maryland settlers' to control their trade

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