Corruption in Northern Businesses

By Audrey Salkowicz

The Companies "cheating" Profits

A large amount contractors are "cheating" to get more profit from the supplies they sell to the war efforts. These contractors are selling spoiled meat products.they are also selling fabrics that come apart in the rain. "Shoddy," or reused fibers from rags is the material used for the military uniforms and blankets that are being sold. The price of guns for the military has also sky rocketed, and this corruption is spilling into the general society.

What people have to say

The "New York Herald" said "The individual who makes the most money--no matter how--and spends the most--no matter for what--is considered the greatest man.... The world has seen its Iron Age, it's silver age, it's golden age, and it's brazen age this is the age of shoddy."