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May 20

Awards Week

This week we were able to celebrate our exceptional learners through our annual Senior and @cademy Awards ceremonies. In addition to being a blast, both events highlighted the family, fun, and unique culture we have at this incredible school. I thank each and every one of our learners and parents for choosing New Tech and for the daily reminders as I interact with learners of how fortunate we are to have NT@C in CISD.

Our last week is a busy one! We are cramming in our last flex day, a bonding/farewell day, in addition to Graduation and Project Graduation before we cruise into Summer.


Mr. Smith

Upcoming Events

  • Graduation Rehearsal - May 26 - 3:00 - CHS Arena
  • Graduation - May 27 - 3:00 - CHS Arena
  • Project Graduation - May 27
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    Learner Spotlight

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    Cason Cole Signs with Hendrix College for Tennis!

    Congratulations Cason!

    PTSO News

    Project Graduation Sales

    Jump on the EARLY BIRD special until April 15! Price increase on April 16. One last HURRAH for Class of 2022!
    Use the QR code below to order or follow this link.
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    Event Announcements

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    Counselor's Corner

    NTH@C Parents/Guardians,

    The NTH@C Juniors and Seniors are looking for opportunities within our community to complete their Job Shadowing graduation requirements. If you would be willing to mentor our learners, please complete this short form for each person/occupation. All job shadowing must be completed prior to April 30, 2022.

    Job Shadowing Mentor Sign-up

    Job Shadowing is an opportunity for learners to ‘shadow’ with a business professional in a specific occupation or career of learner interest. Learners will observe responsibilities and tasks associated with the mentor’s career and can ask questions about the knowledge, skills, talents, and level of education required for the job. While the purpose of job shadowing is to gather career related information and expand the learner’s contacts, it also allows opportunities to build interviewing skills, awareness of trends in the field and see workforce technologies in action. Job shadowing is not a part-time job. It is an opportunity for the learners to increase their knowledge in a potential career path.

    Juniors/Seniors are expected to complete 10/15 hours of job shadowing experience this year. Their commitment to the program requires their flexibility in their schedule. They may be scheduled during the school day, after school, or on weekends. Some of the senior learners may need more than the required 15 for this year. They should know how many they need.

    All juniors/seniors are required to obtain career exploration experience to graduate from NTH@C. Due to the variety of career fields and interests that are represented among the junior/senior classes, each experience will differ. All job shadowing experiences must meet the following requirements.
    1. 10 hours/Juniors and 15 hours/Seniors of shadowing experience in a career field of interest.
    2. Job Shadowing Consent Form and Medical Authorization signed by you and your parents must be on file.
    3. You MAY NOT shadow your parents, but you may shadow someone else at your parent’s place of business. If you have a question about where you would like to shadow, ask Mrs. Russell or Mr. Lee.
    4. You will abide by the rules and regulations of CISD and the company while on site.
    5. You will be on time for all designated meetings or scheduled work. Should you need to miss your scheduled time for any reason, you will call your contact with as much advance notice as possible.
    6. You agree to dress appropriately for your job shadowing (ie – business dress in most cases).
    7. You agree to provide your own transportation.
    8. You will not accept any form of payment for assignments completed during job shadowing.
    9. You must keep up with all course work and due dates during the shadowing.
    10. You will have up to 2 days of excused absences to complete your job shadowing. Job Shadowing related absences DO NOT extend coursework deadlines.
    11. Your job mentor must complete the Volunteer Criminal Background check found on the CISD website. Link to CISD Background Check Information

    With gratitude,
    LeeAnn Farris Russell
    NTH@C, Counselor

    Stock the Breakroom

    Thank you all so very much for your generosity in stocking our break room!

    You can access our wish list here if you would like to participate in picking up one of the remaining items.

    Community Announcements

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    Coppell Cares is a local assistance program aimed at helping children and families who have needs driven by financial challenges.

    Services offered:

    Food for families

    School supplies


    Field trip assistance

    Prescription assistance

    Medical/Dental assistance

    Eye care/assistance with glasses

    Information and referrals

    Other needs as identified

    Short-term financial assistance with:


    Home utilities

    Students do NOT need to qualify for free and reduced lunch to receive assistance from Coppell Cares.

    If you would like more information, please contact -

    Sally Wiethoff (nurse) -

    LeeAnn Russell (counselor) -