Holiday Wishes from Ms. Fisher

December 2014

Greetings to my Wonderful Parents and Students!

I just wanted to take a minute to wish you and your family a great holiday season. My prayer for you this Christmas is that you get to enjoy your wonderful children, your family members and have an opportunity to reflect on this year. I wish you the most prosperous and Happy New Year!

I have already been reflecting on this year and I would like to share a few things with you. As many of you know, I moved to Asa Low Intermediate from a high school environment. I love to teach, but knew I needed a change. I accepted my current position hoping that I had made the right decision. I wasn't sure until...UNTIL, I meet your wonderful kids! I knew from our first few days together that I was in the right place. Your children have been such a blessing to know. I appreciate all of the values and respect that has been taught in their homes. You have done a marvelous job with them! I have held them to a high standard and they are doing wonderful! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing them with me and allowing me to teach them!

I hope to spend my time off with my own children during the break...Matthew, my son, is 25 and Grace is 20. They live very busy schedules themselves. Matthew works as a jailer for the City of Arlington and my daughter Grace is the Girls Student Ministry Associate at Fielder Church and attends UTA full-time. I am looking forward to having them over for some hot cocoa & popcorn movie nights ! I must favorite job is still being a mom!

In closing, I want you to know I think all the time about how to better teach your child so that learning and college readiness is a habit and not a chore. I think I want the same things for them as you do ...To have the skills, both in the classroom and outside of it, to become a successful, productive adult in the future (Trust me, they really do grow up so fast!). Thank you so much for your support of the Team Harvard teaching staff in 2014. I will see you again in 2015!