Hungarian Christmas

By: Griffin & Kyle

Meal Time

This meal is also eaten on Christmas eve and day in Hungary. They have fish, cabbage, and poppy bread or cake known as beigli.

What's his name?

in Hungary they also call him St. Nicholas. He also dress up in a red hat that has a cross on it to represent Jesus and thick red coat. He goes on rooftops to deliver presents.


For Christmas in Hungary they also celebrate the birth of christ. They celebrate it on december 5th and 6th and on christmas eve they leave a boot on the window ceil for it to be filled with gifts.

Gift Exchange

Gifts received from others are normally opened when they get it. They give gifts to each other on the 6th of December.


St. Nicholas is told to come in the middle of the night when the kids are all asleep. If you stay up your predicted to get a birch wood stick.

Interesting Fact

They excessively decorate on Christmas eve to express the goodness for St. Nicholas and make meals for the next two days. As well as exchanging gifts christmas day with families.