Citizenship through Naturalization

By Ashley and Briella

There are many things contributed to the process of naturalization. There are rights, responsibilities, and legal duties. Some of the rights we have are; our right to equality, right to bare arms, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom from slavery.

Responsibilities include, buying a house, raising a family, graduating college, getting a job, and working hard. Although we have many rights and responsibilities we also have legal duties such as; going to court, paying taxes, paying bills, attending highschool till at least 16, and drafting for the military.

What is the Naturalization process, How is it applied?

The naturalization process is when U.S. citizenship is allowed to a citizen from another country. This process had many steps, it includes applying for naturalization, being able to speak English, and being in the state that you are going to get naturalized for, for 5 years.
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