All of the hallways look terrific. Student work is current and demonstrates an increased focus on written response. Students are writing more paragraphs and narratives as evidenced by posted work samples.

The 3D pumpkin in Building 5 gives an extra "pop" of color and texture.

Ms. Kirkland's shower was a success. She greatly appreciated the kindness and generosity shown to her on her special day.

Mrs. Money's students are using flipped classrooms as they use digital resources and at home learning tools to transform their learning.


10/20- Severe Weather Drill at 8:30.

10/20- Fall Festival from 4:00-8:00 CST.

10/21- Early Dismissal beginning at 11:45 CST.

10/22- 1st year teachers meet with Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Goodwin beginning at 3:15 in the faculty meeting room.

11/03- Professional Development Day. No school for students.

11/04- Kindergarten Field Trip.

11/10- Progress Reports.

11/11- Veteran's Day. No school.

11/12- Fire drill at 9:00.

11/17- Holiday Pictures.

11/18-Intruder Drill at 1:30.

11/20- PTO Iron Bowl T-Shirt Sales.

11/23-11/27- Thanksgiving Break.

I Am A Teacher


Thank you for everything that you do for our students each day. Thank you for patiently sitting through another meeting. Thank you for having smiles on your faces when you come to work. Thank you for loving students when you may be facing challenges of your own. Thank you for being professional. Thank you for using data to change instruction. Thank you for each and every sacrifice you make on behalf of a child. We may not always see eye to eye. There may be times when we let each other down. There may be times when self-doubt tries to eat away at us, but at the end of the day...we teach. We transform. We inspire. We build a better tomorrow. Thank you for all that you do.