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If you are reading this article then you are probably desiring to add romance to your love life. There is someone special , that dark and handsome man that deserves you. Or the blonde and handsome. Regardless of looks, you are experiencing the ideal scenario: all is good !

Or, there are issues in your love life and you need to re-ignite the spark. If this is the case, first of all, make sure you have a psychic reading to know the problems in the relationship can be influenced and solved, and then go ahead putting the extra effort. Some men don't deserve us to look how to romance them, they simply need to hear : hit the road Jack.

It is important to note that there are proven and tested ways to make men more attracted to you and surprises, in general work for women and men.

When it comes to romancing a man then you need to be able to surprise indeed and not give any hints prior. You should remember that if a man expects something then it will not work. The best things in life such as love, laughter, sex and romance all have an element of surprise. So therefore a great way to romance him is to work out what he expects from you and then surprise him by doing the opposite. Giving what he actually doesn't believe he will get with you.

It is a good idea to surprise him at random intervals , therefore keeping track of things in a calendar. If you are usually relaxed and mellow in your demeanour then surprise him by suddenly showing your passionate and more wilder side, this is a tried and tested way. Whatever you do, stay relaxed and go with the flow.

It is also important to point out that men like to receive compliments. In honesty, more than women. They need compliments and positive reinforcement.

You should make an effort to tell him how handsome he is, how sexy he is and mostly, how well he solved the recent problems you entrusted him with.

Do this one on a rather regular basis, but once in a bloom moon, compliment on something you used to complaint about, something you didn't get about his choices or preferences and voiced your opinions. Now, voice a positive opinion.. This one will win big. and when you say it make sure that you mean it. Hold him and touch him so he will feel that he is wanted passionately, intimately and sexually.

It is important that you do these things not just when he is feeling down, but when he is feeling confident, and extremely well and often when is feeling at his worst. Remember that a man is not beautiful because he is with you. Or because he pays the bills or takes you on dates. You need to let him know that he is beautiful from the inside all the way out and that in your eyes he is fantastic. Point out one quality.

There might be times when he may think that there are handsome men around, this is when you need to let him know that he is the only man for you.

Doing small things on a daily basis can really help him feel appreciated and spark a desire for him to romance you too. It is a good idea to write your own notes and cards, leave these for her in places where he will find them. Before he goes to work put a note in her purse or leave a note in her car. Call or text him at some point in the day just to inform him of a date, to remind him of something you did together, to ignite curiosity , say "I love you "or simply crack a joke. A really funny one.

It is important to point out that men like smart women, funny women and confident ones. Knowing that he is on your mind is very flattering for a man. Therefore sending him lunch at work, his favorite meal from a nearby place, it's a great way to romance plain view. When his peers see how he is treated, he secretly loves you more. He wants to be envied but others.

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A happy man is behind a happy woman!