WorkKeys Assessment

REQUIRED for your student to graduate!

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Why Do I have to take WorkKeys?

If you want to graduate with a diploma, you will need to take this test!

The State of Alaska has repealed the High School Graduation Qualifying Exam (HSGQE) and replaced this requirement with a career/college readiness requirement.

In order to graduate with a diploma, every Alaska student must:

1. Complete required coursework by the graduation deadline.

2. Comply with the career/college readiness requirement (i.e.: WorkKeys).

What's in it for me?!

Not only are you setting yourself up for a successful future, you will also be awarded a $10 iTunes gift card upon completion of all three WorkKeys tests before the deadline!

When is the last day I can take WorkKeys?

You must complete the WorkKeys assessment by January 30, 2015.

What is WorkKeys?

ACT WorkKeys is a job skills assessment system that helps employers select, hire, train, develop, and retain a high-performance workforce. This series of tests measures foundational and soft skills and offers specialized assessments to target institutional needs.

As part of ACT's Work Readiness System, ACT WorkKeys has helped millions of people in high schools, colleges, professional associations, businesses, and government agencies build their skills to increase global competitiveness and develop successful career pathways.

Successful completion of ACT WorkKeys assessments in Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, and Reading for Information can lead to earning ACT's National Career Readiness Certificate, a portable credential earned by more than 2.3 people across the United States.

Applied Mathematics Test

Applied Mathematics measures the skills people use when they apply mathematical reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving techniques to work-related problems. The test questions require the examinee to set up and solve the types of problems and do the types of calculations that actually occur in the workplace.

Locating Information Test

Locating Information measures the skills people use when they locate, synthesize, and use information from workplace graphics such as charts, graphs, tables, forms, flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans, maps, and instrument gauges, as typically found in workplace situations. Examinees are asked to find information in a graphic or insert information into a graphic. They must also compare, summarize, and analyze information found in related graphics.

Reading for Information

Reading for Information measures the skills people use when they read and use written text in order to do a job. The written texts include memos, letters, directions, signs, notices, bulletins, policies and regulations.

Is there a sample test?

Yes! Contact Whitney Adams ( to set you up with a practice test!

You can also visit to become familiar with the test question format.

I have some questions! Who can help me?

Contact your Advisory Teacher, or a member of our counseling department:

Whitney Adams, Counselor:

Joan Jones, Graduation Coach:

Ryan Tilbury, Counselor: