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Counseling Core Curriculum February 2016

Kindergarten- This month, our kindergarten students worked on the concept of "together is better" They were read the story Swimmy by Leo Lionni. We discussed some simple rules of cooperation: 1.) Listen to each other, 2.) Take turns, and 3.) Share. The students also participated in two activities that required them to practice cooperation. They worked with a classmate to complete a set of animal puzzles and then completed a cooperation coloring challenge.

First Grade- The students learned to "think win win" and be a problem solver when it an issue comes up with another person. We read and discussed Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes as an example of how someone may not "think win win". After the story, the students volunteered ways to use their words to build each other up. The lesson concluded with the students creating a win-win pyramid.

Second Grade- These students completed their last career lesson. They were introduced to careers in the Health Science Career Cluster with a powerpoint presentation and completed an activity that required them to label objects with the career that would most likely use that object.

Third Grade-
These students also completed their last career lesson. They were introduced to careers that help people as part of the Human Services career cluster. After a powerpoint presentation about many careers in this cluster, the students participated in an activity that required them to identify which tool would not be used for a specific career.

Fourth Grade- STEM-Science, Technology, Engineering and Math careers were the focus of February's classroom guidance lesson for these students. They were introduced to several careers and completed a group activity on the Forensic Scientist career.

Fifth Grade- Tolerance was the concept discussed in fifth grade. The students listened to the story Hey Little Ant, by Phillip Hoose. They were taught the acronym ANTS-for Awareness, Negotiation, Tolerance, and Sensitivity and what they mean when it comes to solving issues with others. The lesson concluded with the students creating a friendship problem solver.

March Character Education Word of the Month: Commitment