What is Adoption

If don't know what adoption means scroll down and enjoy.


Do you know what adoption is if you do than you can learn more if you don't then today you will learn something new scroll down and see what adoption means.

  • what would you do if you are adopted
  • are you adopted
  • would you find your biological parents
  • My question for you are.
  • do care if you are adopted
  • do your adoptive parents care about you
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  • An adoptive parent means to adopt someones kid or baby.
  • some woman cant have kids and they may have to adopt one or they want to adopt one because they cant have a baby.
  • when you don't look like you parent you know that you are adopted
  • when you are adopted you may find some information of your-self

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The adoption symbol

Many people are adopted and they may draw or tattoo them with this symbol