Michael Jordan

"The best ever"

All about Michael

Michael Jeffrey Jordan was born on February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up Michael lived in Wilmington, North Carolina. Michael had lived with his mom and dad Deloris and James. Michael and his family are very hard workers James worked with general electric and his wife Deloris worked in a bank both of then where great workers and they liked there jobs. Michael also had two brothers and two sisters. The Jordan family liked sports Michael's favorite sport was baseball but he also like to play basketball. Michael and his older brother Larry liked to play each other in there backyard court that they called "The Rack". Michael always lost to his brother Larry, Michael hated to loose to his brother all the time and everytime he lost it made him want to practice and play even harder until he could finally beat him. After lots of practice Michael had finally beaten his brother so what he did for more practice is play he brothers friends that where bigger and much better than Larry. Micheal had to slowly build up his skills to beat them. But Michael liked to have challenges he never quit trying hardee and harder to beat them and be did one by one.

Challenges Michael faced

Michael jordan had some hard times in his young years like one day Michael had got into a fight with a girl at school because the girl had called Michael a nigger. Michael had got really mad and put a popsicle into her hair. MIchael had a bad temper. Michael had also been ditching school so he could go play some basketball he had had some love for the game. Michael had ended up getting suspended from school. But one of Michael biggest problems was facing the death of his father James jordan he had been shot in his car driving home from a funeral. the death of Michaels father was really hard for him to overcome. But Michael had said that some kids dont get to eve see there fathers and he had his for almost 31 years and he was very greatful for that. Soon after HIs father had past Michael had retired from his basketball career he had felt that he was to old and he had nothing else to prove to anybody. But Michael had really liked if his dad had gotten to see his last game. After Michael had left he had went to go play his favorite sport which was baseball but Michael had to practice hard if he had wanted to play in the MLB but Michael wass up for the challenge. He had succeded he had went on to play for the Chicagpo White Sox.

Sarah Houghton

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