Character Assignment

By: Blake Carpenter Character: Tom Clancy

Why did I select Tom Clancy?

I chose this character mainly because of the way he values everything. Tom Clancy is someone with a great personality. A lot has happened in his life, he has been involved in peer pressure a number of times, he takes what has happened in his life and he puts in on paper. He also can take a story and seem like you are actually with him with his use of imagery. Everything that he writes has something to do with him. Also, Tom Clancy is a great mentor for young writers to get encouragement from.

What has Tom Clancy accomplished?

Tom Clancy has accomplished many things due to his use of citizenship. He is one of the best selling authors in the writing world. Tom Clancy has been through so many things in his life, so he has been able to get the encouragement in his life to get the things achieved that he did not feel possible. What makes this possible is, he gets so much support from the people that respect him, that he puts out even more respect towards him. Also as he receives these achievements he is also sending out education to everyone who reads his books.

Universal Values of Tom Clancy.

Tom Clancy has a number of universal values. One of the values is respect, he values respect so much because he feels that people need that respect so they can better respect him. He should also values education because, many people in the world are lost in what they should do, so they need the right education to get them there. Another value is courage. He should value courage because courage is a good key to get you through any rough situation.

Why is Tom Clancy a good mentor for young adults?

He is a good mentor because he shows them that you can come from a rough background but achieve anything. Also Tom Clancy likes to educate. The one thing young adults would need most is education form one who is older than them. Finally He is a good mentor simply because he tries to inspire young adults to get in the writing business and put their ideas down on paper.
Tom Clancy - Greek Island Interview - SSN - 1996