5th Grade News

February 4th

Important Dates

February 1st through February 10th: Valentines for Veterans

February 7th: Social Studies Test

February 8th: Reading Quiz Retakes

February 10th: HMH Mid-Year Growth Assessment

February 11th: Math Test (Tentative Date)

February 14th: Valentine Exchange

Big picture

Language Arts

The students made a KWL chart to narrow their research project choice. They wrote what they already know, and generated “I wonder...” questions. The students also finished the reading unit on text structures. Quiz retakes will take place next Tuesday, 2/8. We have started studying the main idea and supporting details of text. The mid-year HMH Growth Assessment will take place next Thursday, 2/10.


5.6e - Identify organizational pattern(s)

5.6f - Identify transitional words and phrases that signal and author’s organizational pattern


5.7e - Organize information to convey a central idea

5.7h - Clearly state a position including supporting reasons and evidence to persuade the intended audience


The focus of this unit is on solving single-step and multi-step practical problems involving addition and subtraction with fractions and mixed numbers, as well as solving single-step practical problems involving products of a whole number less than or equal to 12 and a proper fraction. Students should be able to apply number sense strategies to support their computational understanding.

There is a math test coming up (tentatively) on February 11th. The exact date will be announced soon.

Unit 6 will include lessons and activities based on the following topics:

5.6a (Links to an external site.) Solve single-step and multi-step practical problems involving addition and subtraction with fractions and mixed numbers.

5.6b (Links to an external site.) Solve single–step practical problems involving multiplication of a whole number, limited to 12 or less, and a proper fraction, with models.

Science and Social Studies

Social Studies will have a test on the Great Lakes on Monday, February 7th and a Social Studies Midwest brochure project will be assigned Monday.

This Week's Technology Tips Newsletter

This week’s newsletter talks about the importance of running Windows Updates on a regular basis and how to do so. Students and staff should complete this important task on a monthly basis at minimum. I also include Digital Citizenship Family Tips for Digital Footprint and Security from Common Sense Education.

Valentine Exchange

We will exchange Valentines with our homeroom classes next Monday, 2/14. If students would like to participate, please make sure they bring a Valentine for everyone in their homeroom class.