Third Grade News

Mrs. Adams: Week of March 30, 2020

Week Three of Distance Learning

    The following are items needed by 4/10

          Standard: Figurative Language
            Activity 1 Google Form: Ice Cream Figurative Language
              Activity 2 Google Form: Pizza Time (on this weeks plans)
                *If needed, I sent these forms to your google classroom.

                      Standard: Point of View
                        Activity 1: Point of View Goggle Form
                          *If needed, I sent this forms to your google classroom.

                                Standard: Earth Human Interactions
                                  Activity 1: Science Book page 90-96
                                    Activity 2: Science Book Pg 100-107
                                      Activity 3: Science Book Pg 110-115
                                        Post Test: Roof Project (Pg 116-117) -Submit your video through flipgrid. Take a picture of the completed workbook pages and send to your teacher though remind.

                                            *Science activity grades were collected during your child's video conference. If you are missing a grade please be sure to show your teacher these workbook pages during your next video conference.

                                                  Standard: Geometry
                                                    Activity 1: Pg 707 Go Math (please send a picture of this page through remind)
                                                      Activity 2: Pg 733 Go Math (please send a picture of this page through remind)
                                                        Post Test: Google Form will be sent out next week.

                                                        • The following is a very important letter from Dr. Brian Henry, Superintendent:

                                                          Distance education will continue until further notice

                                                          At a glance:

                                                          1. Unfortunately, our school building closure will continue; therefore, distance learning will continue. The exact date of the end of the closure will coincide with extensions issued by the governor, which are anticipated to be released later this week.
                                                          2. Students will receive grades and they will continue to count during this time.
                                                          3. Free meals will continue to be delivered on buses and to be available at special stops.

                                                          More information:

                                                          Dear Parents:

                                                          We will continue to educate students and keep them engaged in learning through distance education. This is not a break. School is in session online and students are expected to complete and turn in their homework assignments. Our goal continues to be to prepare students for the next grade and/or the next phase of their lives.

                                                          On Tuesday, March 31, the Waynesville R-VI Board of Education discussed guidelines for student accountability and grades during this time of distance education.

                                                          Students must remain engaged in learning so that they can prepare to be successful at the next grade. We recognize that this is in a new educational model and that’s why we are placing a high priority on effort and engagement. Students need to try; they need to go online and participate in the lessons or complete their packets at home and do their best.

                                                          To help students review the materials, ask additional questions and catch up, the district’s on-line lessons on Friday focus on reviewing materials and helping students. No new assignments are given on Fridays and no assignments are due on Saturdays and Sundays.

                                                          The district’s mission is to “empower and prepare individual students for future opportunities as citizens and leaders.” Students will need to develop the skills to be successful in a virtual environment. In addition, we must remember that students will return to school and work in the future; therefore, they need to continue learning to be successful in return. I encourage all parents to emphasize the need to stay engaged during the closure.

                                                          Last week, we provided more than 25,000 meals to children. The district will continue to prepare and deliver free meals for children age 18 and under on the special food distribution bus routes, along with having the stops for the meals at:

                                                          • Wood Elementary on Fort Leonard Wood
                                                          • Partridge Elementary on Fort Leonard Wood
                                                          • Freedom Elementary in St. Robert
                                                          • Waynesville High School in Waynesville

                                                          We want to stay connected with you. Please feel free to reach out to your child’s teachers and principal and ask for help. We are in this uncharted territory together.


                                                          Dr. Brian Henry


                                                        • Friday's are our official "catch up" day. Please use this time to complete our weekly assignments.
                                                        • This Fridays *must do* is to submit a picture of workbook pages 707 and 733 for activity grades. Please send to me through remind.
                                                        • Please understand that lessons are not "one size fits all". If you are noticing an assignment is too long or too difficult, feel free to split up the assignments or do every other question.
                                                        • Please note the following are items we put in the grade book: pre-tests, activity grades, and post tests. If you see your child working on an item labeled this, please do not help them. I would like to get an accurate result for their grades.
                                                        • Check out this link for information on how to check out e-books from Mrs. Ross and Mrs. Wilson
                                                        • ::UPDATE FROM MRS. CAFFEY:: We are having a live chat Tues. @ 11:30 3/31. For more information, please visit our google classroom (code is : szsztpf)

                                                        Digital Scrapbook

                                                        Each day take one picture of your child doing something, send it to me through Remind or my email with a caption, and I will upload it onto our scrapbook. The students can view this on our google classroom.

                                                        Video Conferencing

                                                        This week I am going to hold group conferences. Conferences will be Monday-Friday from 11:30-12:00. Please be sure your child has everything out that they have been working on during their video conference as I will be asking them to show me.

                                                        I will be posting our Zoom link in our Google Classroom and also send it out through Remind. Students will need to meet with me at least once a week. However, they are welcomed to come to as many group conferences as they would like. After students share their current work, I may do a read aloud or students can have a few minutes to say hello to their friends. This will be a great time to ask clarifying questions as well.

                                                        If you cannot meet during this time frame, please let me know and I will try to schedule a time that works for the both of us after those hours.

                                                        What are we learning this week?

                                                        Reading: Figurative Language

                                                        Language Arts: Point of View

                                                        Writing: Opinion Writing

                                                        Math: Geometry/Shapes

                                                        Social Studies: Our Government

                                                        Science: Earth and Human Interactions

                                                        Distance Learning Lesson Plans






                                                        "Snappsy The Alligator (Did Not Ask To Be in This Book)" Read Aloud

                                                        Snappsy The Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book) read by David Harbour
                                                        In the story, Snappsy the Alligator, the narrator and the main character are telling the story from two perspectives, or point of view. While watching this read aloud notice the speech bubbles and think about how they are used to tell Snappsy’s perspective, or point of view.

                                                        Tell a family member how the text tells the narrator’s perspective. Give examples from the story to illustrate the different points of view.