Miss Brown's Bulletin

Week of September 7-11

Monthly Reading Reward

Don't forge to be reading at home for the month of September. Please have your kiddo mark how many minutes they have read for the evening on their monthly calendar in their planners. A quick signature or initial from a parent or guardian shows that you have seen your kiddo reading at home. At the end of the month, whomever has read 400 minutes or more will participate in a reading reward the following week.

What's the reward?? The kiddos who have read 400 minutes or more will eat lunch in the classroom as we watch a movie and enjoy a special treat. Encourage your kiddo to be a champion reader!


Cartmell's Candy/Nut Fundraiser is on, and information came home this week. Please try to help your kiddo sell a few items to help raise money for our school. Proceeds go towards resources, technology, play ground equipment and more! Your kiddo can earn special prizes for selling an allotted amount of items as well.
Fundraiser money and sales are due September 15.

AR Goals

Last week in Monday folders you should've seen a record from Accelerated Reader, showing the books your child has taken tests over, their scores and how many points they have earned so far for their 1st AR goal. Also I wrote your kiddos goal on the page and shared they are due October 30. These reports will come home every week and the kiddos are also charting them here at school so they are aware of their progress towards meeting their goals. There will be a reward for those who meet their goals by October 30.
Please check these reports weekly and help encourage your child to keep the end in mind & meet their goals.


We Are Learning To...


In Reading we will be moving on to our second unit of study where students will be comparing and contrasting the story elements of two texts written by the same author. Have a favorite author!? Feel free to share with your kiddo and look for similarities and differences between the different texts you've read from them.


This week we will continue to study the different properties of multiplication. We will continue to look at the commutative property, but we will also begin studying the distributive property of multiplication. We will have a formative assessment at the end of the week over this content.