by Abbey Clouse

Educational goals

My educatonal goals are to graduate and earn a high school diploma, also hopefully graduating in the top 50%. Once i am done with high school, i really want to go get all my collage basics out of the way. While getting basics out of the way ,i would want to build my art school reseme by entering art competitons, then apply for art schools around texas.

education & training

To become a artist, you need to have certain training/education out of the way. Artists usually develop their skills through a bachelor's degree program or other training in art or design. Although formal schooling is not strictly required for artists, it is very difficult to become skilled enough to make a living without training. most artists usually have years of work experience and generally need at least a bachelor's degree. Classes in collage that you would need are art history, and art studio. You would also like to submitt painting or drawings in a contest through school or online.


Budget- $10,000

License fee- $30

Location- 4 seasons

Flowers- $50

Wedding Party Attire

Wedding dress-Strapless High-Low Ball Gown Wedding Dress - $206.00- wedding toms- $80

reception dress- Nordstrom Embellished Tulle Fit & Flare dress $112.80

Rings- Tiffany&co. ATLAS8 Bangle- $1,750

Reception-4 seasons- $3,350


Total Expenses: $5,578.80

Wedding Attendants – Names

Maid/Matron of Honor- Kylie Dennis

Best Man- Justin Temberlake

Bridesmaids- Molly Watson, Blair Bowman, Kelsey Blacksheir

Groomsmen- Jason Aldean, Matt Smith

Flower Girl- Cameron Snider-Bowie

Ring Bearer- Harry Styles


Destination- Hawaii- Maui

Travel Expense- American airlines- round trip $912.80

Accommodations- $300

Food/Entertainment- $500

Total Honeymoon Expense- $1,712.80


Paisley -female- 6

Piper- female- 6

Eran - male- 3

Price of Child Care(Children under 12): $8 per kid = $24 (weekly)

Price of Doctor Visits – 2 visits annually per child: $15 (with insurance) (x6) = $90

TOTAL YEARLY COST PER CHILD: $202 (individually) (x1 kid)

MONTHLY COST(TOTAL DIVIDED BY 12): $16.02 (x1 kid)

Living Expences

take-home pay will be:

$58,428/yr (myself)


address: 2016 Canvasback Lane, Flower Mound, TX 75028

monthly pay- $2,200

bedrooms- 4

bathrooms- 3

garage can fit 2 cars

internet- $70/mo

cell phones- $50/mo/2ppl

cable TV- $60/mo

Dining out- $100/mo

groceries- $160-$200/mo


2012 Scion iQ Hatchback $10,500

monthly car payments- $175

license & parking- $15

fuel & mechanics- $150-$200

duration of loan- 6 years

final essay

this project impacted me to know what I want to do with my life in the future. it helped me get a better understanding of what my life could be like and what I have to do to get through it without messing up. it also helped me know what kind of money I have for certain things.