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Justice Williams

City & Style Magazine Founder And Editor

No stranger to the world of media. Justice has featured in Cosmopolitan, Red, OK and Pride magazine, the Metro 60 Second interview and many reputable newspapers including the Birmingham Post, The Guardian and The Times.
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Creating real change

Justice Williams is a multi - award winning social entrepreneur and has endeavoured to be an inspiration for many young women. At the age of 29 she was awarded an MBE for Services to young people in Birmingham and secured a place on Birmingham’s Power 50, a list of powerful and influential leaders in the city. Specialising in enterprise and the creative industries.
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Ambassador for young women

In 2010 she received Red magazine’s Women to Watch award which was followed by her second visit to 10 Downing Street, this time to meet with Samantha Cameron, the wife of our current prime minister. A few months prior to the award she was appointed as one of six UK global ambassadors for Levi Strauss, the iconic denim company to lead an international campaign ‘Shape What’s to Come’

The ongoing journey to success

Monday, Nov. 19th 2012 at 1-2pm


My special guest Justice Williams will be talking to us about her business and career, and how other women and men can be empowered to reach YOUR own success.

Join us LIVE on Monday 19th November @ 1pm

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My Encoragement word for you

'You can become anything you want if you put your mind and soul into it'

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