Rolf's Guided Hunts

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About Rolf's Ranch

Rolf's game ranch covers a total of 300,000 acres, involving wooded fields, open ranges, and rocky mountain sides. We provide year-round pig hunts, in stands and with dogs. In winter we have hunters come from all around to hunt white-tail, axis, and mule deer. We also have turkey hunting. Quail hunting. Dove and duck hunting. We also provide elk hunting and mountain-goat hunting. Rolf's ranch has ponds filled with catfish, crappie, and bass open to all hunters during their visit.

Additional Facts:

Call to receive estimated hunt prices. Hunting trips last from 3-10 days. While on our ranch, you can stay in our up-to-date log cabins. Fully furnished and fully equipped for your needs. Rolf's staff members are always around if you find the need for help in any situation. We can skin and process any animal killed while on your trip. (reasonably priced.)

Ranch's Information

Land Line: 903-285-7787

Rolf's Cell: 903-305-2356

Location: 1161 co rd 1905 Warda Texas

(off of highway 45)