Digital Citizenship


Digital Footprint & Reputation

There are a lot of consequences of posting inappropriate or negative comments online. First once you post a comment about someone or something it will never be erased, it will always be on the internet. IF you think you deleted it you didn't, it will always be there. Also, saying rude and inappropriate things online is really bad because colleges look at what you put on the internet and they could see that and not accept you in their college. Also, saying rude stuff can hurt other people so just keep it to yourself.

What is a Digital Footprint?

Your digital footprint is your online reputation. Your footprint can be changed by a lot of different things that are posted on the internet. The information posted on the internet can be posted by you, or posted by other people about you. Once something is posted online, it is always going to be part of your digital footprint.

NetSafety Blog: Digital Footprints
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Relationships & Communication

Image- A representation of someone or something, such as a photograph or drawing; They way someone or something is perceived by others.

Double Standard- A rule that is unfairly applied to different people or groups of people.

The pros is that you can meet new and different people. They could have the same personalities and the same hobbies as you. They can have the same interests too. The bad things that can happen is that they might not be the same person as they say online. They can be older and younger or smaller or taller. That can be the bad things about it.
Online Ethics- A set of principals and morals governing people's behavior as it relates to the internet and digital devices.

Digital Citizenship- Navigating the digital world, safely, responsibility, and ethically.

I.D. / self :: the new "real"
Relationships and Communications

Self-Image & Identity

Digital media plays a good role in a everyday high school student. There are an ample amount of websites you can go to that can help you on homework or to study for tests. Also you can enjoy yourself or if you have extra time you can go on games, fun websites, chatrooms, or social media. But those websites can be a bad thing. People can act really different on social media and chatrooms. They can say they are a different person or a different age. People on the internet can distort their identity and can really tough online but in person can be different. So Digital media plays a big role in high schoolers in a good way and bad way.


It is a really good thing to be an upstander. I mean think about it, you don't want to be that bystander that watches a student get bullied after school. Stand up to the bully and say stop or get a teacher. Its a really good thing to do to stand up and tell someone. Being an upstander is a really good thing and you might get hated on by the offender but how you cares. We have to make this world a better place and we need more upstanders.
Target- a person who is the object of an intentional action.

Offender- A person who has malicious intent to hurt or damage someone.

Upstander- A person who supports and stands up for someone else.

Bystander- A person who does nothing when they witness something happening.

Anti Bullying Video- "The Upstander"