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Weekly Updates

A Salute To All Veterans! CSU Monterey Bay Honors Fort Ord Veterans With Exhibition.

Veterans honored for their services in an exhibition. The exhibits celebrate CSUMB military veteran and active-duty military student, faculty, and staff and military dependents. A collection of photos showing the rich history of military personnel at Fort Ord was on exhibit at the CSU Monterey Bay Salinas City Center, Arts, and Culture facility in oldtown Salinas. Some of the displays included historical stories, artifacts, and pictures of many veterans from the area to include Col. Alfred P. Glover, father of our SUSD staff member Patrice Glover. Some veterans featured in the exhibitions were also present at the exhibit, making their appearances a bonus for all who attended.

Soledad High School and Pinnacles High School Collaboration Field trip

In October 2019, through the collaborative efforts of District-Wide Student Support Coordinator Kaniz Frank and Counselor Erica Valdez from Pinnacles High School, students from both schools were able to attend a field trip to Hartnell College East Campus. This trip included 43 students from Soledad High School and 9 students from Pinnacles High School. It was a successful trip that allowed students from both schools to interact and learn about the programs offered at the Hartnell East Campus.

Also, a similar trip that included both SHS and PHS students went to the Pebble Beach Authors and Ideas Festival. A huge thanks to Mrs. Frank and Valdez for collaborating to make this field trip possible. These inclusive events and practices allow students from both schools to interact in social and academic settings. "The goal is to continue with collaborative efforts between SHS and PHS to allow for more inclusivity," explained Mrs. Frank.

Admistrators conduct a walk-through to observe Constructing Meaning (CM) strategies employed at Main Street middle school classrooms

Administrators converged at Main Middle School to learn and conduct walk-through sessions observing CM strategies in practice in the different classrooms. During our walk-through, we focused on "Structured Student Talk" by observing language supports, goals aligned with lesson purposes, student practices, teacher modeling, students' use of target language and students' talk monitored for content understanding, language use, and equity of voice. CM are effective strategies that equip English Learners for increased academic achievement. As administrators, we observed CM strategies at work from our walkthroughs and also how to best support teachers with implementation.

SUSD staff members attend School Wide Information System (SWIS) training at MCOE

On Friday, November 8th three SUSD staff attended the SWIS training at MCOE. This system is a web-based decision system used to improve behavior, support in education by providing staff with accurate, timely and practical information for making decisions about the school environment and climate.