MYP Technology



Identify the problem:
The problem is that the the earth is full of dangers and the forces of nature can be destructive and devastating.

Design Brief:
My task is to work in pairs to investigate, plan and create a video that demonstrates my ideas and understandings of “the safest place on earth”, using knowledge and skills from Science, Technology and Humanities.

Target Audience:
The target audience is Grade 7 students and Grade 7 teachers who will be acting as potential home-buyers.

Testing Method:
The product will be a short persuasive film (aka infomercial) and it will be shown to my target audience on 29th of May, Wednesday and the target audience will complete a feedback form and the feedback form will ask questions that are directly linked to the design specs.

Design Specifications:
The product must
(1) 5 minutes in length (10% over/under is acceptable) this include title and credits
(2) contain original and approriate music
(3) work with a partner and both partners appear in film
(4) balance of original film footage (50%) and stock film footage or photgraphs (50%)
(5) balance between spoken word and music in the soundtrack
(6) effective use of text (titles, captions, subtitles, etc.)
(7) demonstrate effective editing techniques (i.e. transitions)
(8) persuasive (be sure to compare and contrast as a way of persuading)
(9) demonstrate excellent video capturing skills
(10) include data to justify the location of the safest place in the world (charts, graphs, facts and figures)

I conducted some research about the relationship between music, films and emotions and this is what I found.

(a) find one excellent examples of effective use of music in films where the music enhances the story-telling experience.

I need to break into Hollywood and become the person who recommends songs for movies and television. What a dream job that would be! Here’s a couple songs just begging to be used:

Nothern Sky – Nick Drake
Fisherman’s Blues – the Waterboys

I’m sure I’ll think of more. Any number of Van Morrison or Ryan Adams songs!

The overwhelming switch from sound effects to music is very memorable, and

makes the viewer's feel Rose's pain, as if we're living in her shoes and we're losing someone

close to us.

James Cameron's main purpose of using these techniques (Sound Effects and

Music) was to force the audience in to feeling as if they're on the Titanic and encountering

this daunting contingency

(b) research about the relationship between music and mood/emotion


A meta-analysis of 62 experimental and 10 non-experimental studies was conducted to evaluate the positive-mood-enhances-creativity generalization. While the results demonstrate that positive mood enhances creativity, the strength of that effect is contingent upon the comparative or referent mood state (i.e., neutral or negative mood) as well as the type of creative task. Further, the pattern of effect sizes supports a curvilinear relationship between affective intensity and creative performance. In general, a contextual perspective of mood–creativity relations is supported.

(c) I used and I tried to create a song that was: 3 minutes in length, uses dynamics, was uplifting, dancable and motivating. You can listen to my song here ( Through creating this song I learn many things and increased my skills and understand in the following ways (list 5 things).

The first thing that I learn is knowing I to create my own online music, Second thing that I learn is knowing how to put the music together and create another music, third thing that I learn is knowing how to decide better on music and make it more better, fourth thing that I learn is knowing how to edit the music after I had published, fifth thing that I learn is understanding the proccess of creating the music.

(d) I used and tried to create a song that was 3 minutes long, was sad, emotive, moving and evoked feeling of devestation and destruction. You can listen to my song here ( When I compare and contrast the online tools and my thoughts are (list 5 points).
  • They are all very good online tools to create music
  • The clubcreate is harder then soundation when I create it
  • They all have a lot of kind of music
  • I had learned the different technique between soundation and clubcreate
  • I think clubcreate is a better online tool to create music then soudation because it only take me very little time to make up a music.
This is what I found about infomercial:

, also known as Direct Response TV (DRTV), are television commercials which generally include a phone number or website. There are long-form infomercials, which are typically between 15 and 30 minutes in length, and short-form infomercials, which are typically 30 seconds to 120 seconds in length.


Final Design

This is our final design that I have created with Vansak. For our design I put 3 different places that are dangerous in the world. In these 3 countries I will put some sad background music and for Switzerland which is I what I think is the safest place for people to live so I am going to put some happy or exciting music as the background. For the last column Vansak will pretend to be a president of Switzerland because the president will encourage people to live in Switzerland. I will balance the text with the pictures that I have got, especially graph and chart that I am going to provide into the video. This is the plan of me and Vansak that we think Switzerland is a safe place to live.