Raymore Update 03/17/2016

Where We Celebrate All Especially the Small!

Quote of the Week

Power of Composure

Every great player has learned the two Cs: how to concentrate and how to maintain composure. Byron Nelson

Upcoming Dates

3/18-3/28 Spring Break

3/29 Cheris Visit

3/30 BLT

3/30 Fire Drill 9:10 weather permitting

3/30 Kindergarten Round Up

3/31 Final PGP's due

4/1 Conscience Discipline Book Study at 7:00

4/1 7 Habits Assembly

Professional Development March 28th

Please click on the following link for information on topics for our District PDMonday, March 28. Locations are also listed on this "one stop slide".


Lunch will be on your own 11:30-1:00pm and then you will be back at our building (unless the slide states otherwise) to collaborate and plan for implementation of information learned.

CPI refresher training will be from 1:00-4:00 pm at the Academy Building. If you are to attend this you have already received an email.

MAP Dates

As of right now barring no snow days and no changes coming from the state, it looks like our MAP testing dates will be April 25-May 13. Again, this will remain unless we have snow days or hear something different from the state.

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Wishing Well

Wishing Gail Schmidt's well her mother passed away.

Wishing Stacey Carter well through her surgery.

Wishing Marilyn Smith and her husband well with his struggle with Leukemia.

Wishing Sherri well as she continues her new treatments.

Wishing Bobbi Bond well during the surgery and as she heals.

Wishing everyone wellness! Take your vitamins! Prayers to all!

Energy Shut Down

Just an FYI.....

We have passed all of our Energy Shutdown Audits so far this year!! Let's do the same again!! We can do it!

Please unplug and defrost refrigerators, microwaves, lamps, walkie chargers, coffee pots, etc. Just make sure you turn off computers and monitors but do not unplug.

Remind your friends and grade level colleagues before they walk out the door Friday after school. Thank you for your help with this! It also helps our custodians as well!

Summer School Proposals

Happy Friday! Some of you have inquired as to when new and “refreshed/updated” proposals are due. They will be due on Monday, March 28, at the end of the day, which happens to also be our PD day. So far, we have received one proposal. That's an exciting start! However, we will need more to make this summer school experience as successful as it was last year!

  • Interested in teaching summer school?
    • Great! A helpful way to demonstrate your interest is by submitting a STEAM-themed proposal!
  • Submitted a proposal last year that was used?
    • Great! Since those will need to be retooled/refreshed to ensure students don't experience repeat activities, we encourage you to submit a fresh twist on your proposal!
  • Been thinking of a fun, new idea for a STEAM-themed proposal?
    • Great! Submit away! We will be looking for additional ideas for this summer!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. My team and I look forward to reading the proposals.

Wishing you well,

Dr. Hofmann

Restricted Movement

  • Thank you for taking restricted movement so seriously. It protects your students from seeing and it protects the dignity of the student having a problem. Thank you so much.
  • Practice with your students what the expectations are for restricted movement. Students must go into the closest room when they hear the announcement. Students are still walking in the halls, leaving classrooms, hiding in the restrooms, etc. The restriction will be lifted as soon as possible. Please remember restrictive movement can be used for various reasons not just behavior. We may need to use it for illness, emergencies, etc. Therefore, it is mandatory that you teach students the importance of going to the nearest classroom and clearing the hallways. As a teacher you should open your door and check the hallway for any students. The door should then be closed and students remain in class until further notice. We really appreciate your help with ensuring we follow through with this expectation and take it seriously.

Meals for Copelands

Hello everyone!

If you would like to support Samantha & her family with a meal after they bring baby Juliette home, you can use the following link:


If you would like to contribute to a gift card, you can drop off money with me anytime this week. I will be going over to her house on Saturday.

Thanks! I know it will be such a blessing for them to not have to worry about meals for a few weeks!

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April Bond Issue

Bond Issue on April Ballot: Ray-Pec voters on April 5 will consider a $27 million no-tax-rate-increase bond issue to address space needs throughout the District. The plan includes constructing an addition onto the south high school to accommodate all students in grades 9-12 in one school. The Board on Dec. 17 unanimously approved placing the bond issue on the ballot. The general obligation bond issue is necessary to fund the improvements outlined in the District's Long Range Facility Plan. In introducing the measure, Superintendent Dr. Kari Monsees emphasized that the bond issue will not require an increase in the tax levy. In addition to the high school expansion, other elements of the plan include:
North high school building becomes second middle school
Modifications to Bridle Ridge and Eagle Glen to serve grades K-5
Convert Shull Elementary into an Early Childhood Center
Maintenance projects throughout the District
The plan includes the most aggressive timeline possible to resolve the two-building high school situation.
Read more: http://www.raypec.k12.mo.us/index.aspx?NID=1035

Bond Information Night

Bond issue informational night is March 29

Learn more about $27 million no-tax-rate-increase bond issue

Site plan for RPHS

Election day is coming soon. In addition to electing two school board members, Ray-Pec School District voters on April 5will consider a proposal for a $27 million bond issue to address space needs throughout the District. The plan includes constructing an addition onto the south high school to accommodate all students in grades 9-12 in one school.

To learn more about the $27 million no-tax-rate-increase bond issue and the District's facility plans, stop by from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, March 29, in the Ray-Pec High School south building patio commons, 20801 S. School Rd., Peculiar.

Floor plans and site plans will be on display, and District staff will be available to answer questions. This informational night is planned in an "open house" format so that you may come and go at your convenience.

Preliminary plans show additions and renovations to RPHS

Here's a newsletter item to share with staff and families:

The School Board recently reviewed plans for additions and renovations to the south high school. The plan, which includes new construction of about 100,000 square feet, would allow the District to accommodate all students in grades 9-12 in one school.

The preliminary building plan includes a two-story addition at the north end of the building. The plan includes a dedicated area for freshman core classes, a new library media center, additional space for fine arts and performing arts classes, and relocation of some classrooms and offices.

The latest plans also include construction of a storm-resistant concrete dome structure on the east side of the building. The dome would include an auxiliary gym, restrooms, and locker rooms and would also serve as a shelter for students and staff in the event of severe weather.

See preliminary floor plans: http://www.raypec.k12.mo.us/index.aspx?NID=1040

For three months, a team has been meeting to create a building addition and renovation plan for the south high school. The goal is to have a design ready to implement as soon as possible, pending voter approval of the no-tax-rate-increase bond issue on the April 5 ballot.

Kindergarten Round-Up is March 30

Parents of children who will be 5 before Aug. 1, 2016, are invited and encouraged to attend Kindergarten Round-up and enrollment on Wednesday, March 30.

Please attend one session (at 2 p.m. or 6:30 p.m.) at the school which your child will attend in the fall. If you are uncertain which school your child will attend, call the Raymore-Peculiar School District office at 816-892-1300. More information: http://www.raypec.k12.mo.us/DocumentCenter/View/5446

Early Childhood PreK application Round-Up is April 12

Ray-Pec residents who are 4 years old by July 31, 2016, are eligible to participate in the Early Childhood Pre-K program. Acceptance is based on class availability, as well as a needs assessment and Pre-K screening. A Pre-K Round-Up Parent Information meeting is scheduled at 11 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.Tuesday, April 12, in the library at Raymore Elementary School, 500 S. Madison. More information: http://www.raypec.k12.mo.us/DocumentCenter/View/9083

Substitute Plans for BSAT/SAT

Please prepare sub plans for the time frame that you are gone to BSAT/SAT. Please make sure your lesson plans should consist of the instructions to the activity, even if it seems clear, that the students are completing while you are gone and some extra work for them to do when they get done. Also, include a roster, daily schedule, and emergency procedures. Thank you.


  • Monitoring recess is crucial to the safety of our students. Please choose a section for each of you on duty to monitor.
  • If there is a sub please have them go out with whoever is on duty. There should never be a sub and a teacher. If you are going to be absent and you have recess duty, ask a colleague to fill in for you. The sub is an extra set of eyes but doesn't know students plan.

Office referral

If you are making an office referral you need to use the google form. At this time, please do not use the office referral on ProTabula.

Use this office referral form




Please make sure you are filling out Protabula data. This information is so important for documentation. If you need support with this please let Melissa know. We may not discuss students that do not show up in the Top Ten Data. Thanks for your assistance.

Panther Cub Academy


Hallway Expectations and Dismissal Expectations

Please talk about these areas during your morning meetings!

  • Hallways are becoming a tricky spot during arrival and dismissal. Please remind your students that they are to walk on the blue tile, single file, with a smile.
  • Please remind car riders that they are to walk to the library on the blue tile. When entering the library their voices should be off or at a whisper so their names can be heard. They need to sit where the adults can see their eyes, not behind the tables. As the crowd clears they need to move forward toward the carpet area however they may still sit in the chairs.


  • Forward emails regarding dismissal changes to both Karla and Renee.

  • Please remember to be at specials door :35 after to deliver & :30 to pick up.
  • Fridays --jeans with Ray-Pec spirit wear.
  • Classroom doors should be locked at all times and the magnet should be used to allow flow in and out of classrooms. However, we are aware there are some doors that are tricky to get to stay shut when using magnets. We do have a couple of other options we can try to help solve this problem. If you need help with this situation, please see Melissa asap and we will problem solve.
  • Remember to add your lesson plans to the Google RE Shared Folder each Monday by 8:25 a.m.

  • It is our district and building expectation that all staff reply to communication (email and phone calls) with within a 24 hour time frame.
  • If you have any pictures of great things going on in your classroom or family, please send them to Melissa. I would love to share with others in our Weekly Staff Update.
  • Call or text Jennika & Melissa if you're going to be unexpectedly absent (after 4 pm day before). 816-550-4434 and 816-868-9856
  • Call or text Jennika or Melissa if you will be in the building on the weekend! The lounge/workroom will be open for access to copiers.
  • Remember to check the RE Shared Calendar for events! We are still adding, and things change.
  • Looking for previous copies of our Weekly Staff Updates? If so, these can be found on our Raymore Tigers Weebly site under "For Staff" & then click on "Raymore Update".


As a professional learning community, we commit to three big ideas:

  1. Focus on Learning
  2. Build a Collaborative Culture
  3. Focus on Results

We answer four questions:

  1. What do we expect our students to learn? (Goals/Expectations)
  2. How will we know they are learning? (Assessment)
  3. How will we respond when they don’t learn? (DI Intervention)
  4. How will we respond if they already know it? (DI Extension)

To fulfill our mission & vision:

  • M: Preparing each student for a successful and meaningful life
  • V: Turning today's learners into tomorrow's leaders

With these commitments:

  • We are committed to consistency & accountability for each student's success.
  • We are committed to a system of support for students and adults.
  • We are committed to a safe, trusting and collaborative environment.
  • We are committed to best practices.
  • We are committed to high expectations for learning, behavior and citizenship.
  • We are committed to quality communication & positive relationships with all stakeholders
  • We are committed to effective communication regarding student progress.
  • We are committed to data-driven decision making.
  • We are committed to use of appropriate channels for communication.
  • We are committed to a guaranteed (consistent) and viable (doable) curriculum.
  • We are committed to maintaining fiscal responsibility while improving student achievement