Future news bulletin

chinnatchada Saetan

10 year high school reunion!!

Next 10 years i will be 27 years old women who have a good life and very happy. I will do everything that i want to do and go every where i want to go. I will have a good job. And have a nice home. Also, I will have a lot of pet.


When i grow up i will go to University. Now, I still thinking between Mathematics and Political science which one i want to study in university. I want at lease master's degree. So, I thing when I am 27 years old. I will already graduate my master degree. I going to study for doctor's degree.
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I do not know what i want to do, yet. But I thing when I am 27 years old i will doing part-time job because i still have to study. I will do something that I can travel a lot and really free. And get a lot of money. The most importance thing is I have to be happy with my job.


I want to have many cars. And I like sport car and I want solar car or any car that use renewable energy or something like that. And I love racing a lot may be I will buy racing car.


I will still be single women because i do not want to marry very early and I have a dream about I want to marry after i finish University.

Anything that make me happy

I think when i am 27 years old. People that can make me happy are my friends and my family. I will hang out with my friends more often. And another thing that will make me happy is travel. So I will travel around the world with my friends or my family.


L really love animals. I would love to have one dog, one cat, one rabbit, one rat and one turtle. I will have a beagle. And for cat i want maine coon cat. Also, I want giant rabbit and a little hamster. And last one is fly river turtle.
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