Color Run Update


Weather is headed to Cypress!

We can not predict the condition of the fields following the rain coming our way. As a result, we are going to take caution and postpone the Color Run until next Friday, Nov. 1st.

Our concerns are muddy fields that could be unsafe and result in the injury of runners. In addition, excess mud and wet color on the students' shoes and clothing that will be brought into the building, the buses, your car, and your home.

Currently, we are at $41,000. It is not too late to donate so that we can reach our goal of $50,000.

1) PARENTS, you can sign your student up to participate by logging into your School Cash Online. Students that raise $30 or more will be able to participate in the COLOR RUN activities on October 25th. Don't have an account? Register TODAY!

2) FRIENDS AND FAMILY may use the link below to make donations in your student's name. Make sure they enter your student's full name and grade so they may receive credit. Share this link on your social media accounts or simply copy and paste in an email.

Warmest regards,

Becky Koop