Media Center

Fourth Grade Things

Help Needed

Below you will see some pictures of the shelves after 4th grade has come in to check out books. This has started to happen the last couple of times 4th grade has come to the Media Center. I have talked to the kids several times about what they should leave the Media Center looking like. I am going to give the 4th graders one more opportunity to come and check out and leave the Media Center in better shape. They have been told that if they don't clean up after themselves and leave it in better shape, they will lose the PRIVILEGE to check out books for a little bit. Please talk to your classes about this.

Books being left on top of other books. If you take a book off to check it out, then check it out.

Books being taken off the shelves and taken to other sections and just left on the shelves.

Clean up after yourself. Do not leave shelf markers out, chairs not pushed in and books on the floor.