Miss. A's Math Class

May and June Newsletter

8th Grade Algebra 2

  • "I Can" Project Due Friday, May 13th
  • Chapter 7 Test (7.1-7.3) 5/26
  • Semester 2 Final 5/27
  • **If students receive a 5 on every homework assignment for Chapter 7, they will not have to take the Chapter 7 Test**

8th Grade Algebra 1

  • Chapter 7 Test (7.1-7.5) 5/27
  • **If students receive a 5 on every homework assignment for Chapter 7, they will not have to take the Chapter 7 Test**

7th Grade Algebra 1

  • Chapter 7 Test (7.1-7.5) 5/26

7th Grade Course 3

  • Chapter 7 Test (7.1-7.8) 5/23

Before and After School Tutoring

  • Ms. Vang and I are available before and after school multiple times per week. Our specific week's schedule is written on my board in my room since it constantly changing. Students need to notify me when they would like to come in.
  • Usually, I am available before school on Monday and Tuesday and after school Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • Usually, Ms. Vang is available Monday-Friday in the morning and after school.
  • Students MUST make an "appointment" with me first so that we do not have too many students at one time.

Corrections, Extra Credit, and Retakes

  • Homework Corrections are available for every homework assignment and are due by the end of each quarter. Students may redo homework as many times as they want to earn up to full credit.
  • Extra Credit is available everyday in my class by reading a Scholastic Math Magazine and answering the math problems. The magazines may NOT leave the school.
  • Retakes for tests are always an option. Students HAVE to do corrections to their original test with me or Ms. Vang to learn what they did wring then can schedule a time for their retake. RETAKES ARE MANDATORY FOR STUDENTS WHO SCORE 69% OR LOWER.

5-8 Choir and Band Concert

Tuesday, May 10th, 6:30pm

Le Center Elementary School, Le Center, MN, United States

Le Center, MN

  • Students need to be in the auditorium between 6:00 and 6:15.
  • Contact Mrs. Lehman or Mr. Kimmet for any questions.

8th Grade High School Orientation

Thursday, May 12th, 10:45am

700 4th Street Northwest

Montgomery, MN

  • Students will go to the High School for a tour and activities
  • Students then will go to Montgomery Middle School to have an afternoon of team building and bonding activities with the other 8th graders.

Talent Show on Friday, May 13th

7th Grade Field Trip

Wednesday, May 18th, 8:15am

5212 73rd Street Northwest

Maple Lake, MN

  • Rescheduled to May 18th because of weather on May 11th
  • Contact Mr. Ballman for questions or concerns

Valleyfair Field Trip

Friday, May 20th, 8:15am

1 Valley Fair Drive

Shakopee, MN

  • All band and choir students will spend the whole day at Valleyfair.
  • Contact Mrs. Lehman for more information or questions.

Bus Registration Due May 23rd

Auction/Raffle Day on Friday, May 27th

No School on May 30th for Memorial Day

Awards Programs on May 31st

7th/8th Grade Picnic on June 1st

  • Ask advisers for what you are to bring to share