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December 14, 2015

Just some Christmas funnies to start out with!

AFV Music Montage: Christmas Fails | Fail | AFV

Christmas for our Kids

I found the picture to the side a while back and recently got to wondering how many hours our kids go without positive affirmations during the entire Christmas break. I calculated it out to be 399 hours.... and we wonder why many of our kids from certain homes start acting up right before the holidays.... We have worked so hard to create such a warm, safe, and welcoming environment at our school that it makes leaving it for 399 hours even harder for our students to cope with. How would you feel if for 399 hours, you might not get a single positive affirmation, may not be spoken too, and may wonder where you food is going to come from? Susan sent an email out last week with some articles and one of them was about why the holidays can be so stressful for kids and what we can do about it. Check it out here. Last year, some of you dedicated time to writing a post-card to be sent to the home of some of your students that are in situations like this to give them hope to get through the break. I encourage you to do this if your heart calls you to do so. I will place post-cards on the table in the workroom. After you write them, put them in the inter-campus mail drawer without a stamp and LISD will be sure to mail it.


My fall A-PIC day on December 2nd (which carried over to the 3rd and 4th) was so rejuvenating! I continue to be amazed at the engaging and intentional instruction that you provide for your students each day. Below are just a couple of spotlights from that day, although EVERY classroom had something to celebrate!

Twitter Challenge

We have learned that Twitter can not only spread good news and help us to recognize each other's successes, but can also be used for professional learning. We have learned how to be "consumers" of Twitter professional learning by finding good materials and retweeting them. Now, the challenge becomes how to be a "producer" of professional learning in the Twitter world. Your challenge is this:

1) Over the break, search for articles or resources online relating to some of our campus improvement objectives this year that you want to learn more about:

  • Formative Assessment
  • Differentiation
  • Writing Strategies
  • Critical Thinking
  • Supporting student behavior, attendance, and increasing parental engagement
  • Guided Math
  • STEM
  • Inclusion Strategies

2) If the link you find it too long, use or to shorten them.

3) Tweet out your article/ resource with a brief note (Ex: This has some great ideas for differentiation).

4) Be sure to use #CSEleads at the end of your tweet so that it shows it the hashtag feed.

5) 2 people who complete this Twitter Challenge will be randomly drawn to win a prize from my basket (Starbucks gift cards, colored pens, CSE puzzles, and more fun!)

Enjoy your break!

After the conclusion of this fun week, I hope you have a WONDERFUL winter break. You all deserve to get REALLY sharp over the next 2 weeks. Specifically, enjoy the below :)
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