Coal Miner's Bar

A small town bar that everyone knows.

A Friendly Space to Enjoy

Coal Miner's Bar is a small business ran by Gary Hummelt. His father and mother sold him the business to keep running. The time, money and effort put into this bar is outrageous. The bar has been successful for a long time now.
This is a place where you can sit back and relax. You will meet some very interesting people while you visit. The bartenders are friendly, and very talkative. They give you a warm welcome once you sit down.

We offer a great selection of beverages to choose from. We serve Emile's pizzas which everyone loves. And we also have chips if you ever want a little snack.


Our prices are reasonable. We sell our beverages at a cheaper price than any other bar in the area. And our pizzas aren't greasy and flimsy. And when a pizza is cooking, you can smell it when you come in the door.

Inside the Business..

On the north wall, we have 5 slot machines, a juke box, a pull tab machine, and a candy machine. While on the east wall, or by the window we have an ATM, a dart board and darts and another slot machine. And all the way in the back we have a pool table. And since we do, we ask you not to try any trick shots that could cause the pool sticks to miss the ball and tear our felt on the table.