Just a few Reminders:

Moss Language Arts


Attached you should find a current progress report for your student. This is about four weeks worth of grades for this grading period. Please remember that averages are weighted HW: 10% Classwork/Quizzes: 45% Tests, Projects, Writing Projects: 45% per six weeks. Meaning this grade is subject to change as there are no projects and such currently. I will not necessarily hand out progress reports each three week period, but please use your access to the Power School gradebook to stay on top of what your students are finding as strengths and weaknesses in Language Arts.

Late Work:

*I accept late work! 10 points off per day late up to only 5 days late on any classwork assignment.

*Homework can be turned in the next day only for a 70%. This includes if the work was inadequate and received a 50% on the due date.

*When students are absent I will enter the missing work as a zero, however, I will allow the county policy of two days per absence to make up the work with no penalty. It is a students responsibility to get and know all work that was missed due to an absence. Please feel free to communicate with me if make up work is overwhelming and you feel an extension in this two days is necessary.


*I am available any morning from 8:00 am to work with students one on one or in small groups except on Fridays. Students will need to secure a pass on the previous day in order to be allowed to come to my classroom.

*Afternoons I can stay to tutor until 4:30 pm. if arrangements are made on the previous day except on Tuesdays.

Wordy Wednesday

Every Wednesday students will have a grammar quiz or a "Flocabulary" quiz alternating every other week. Students will have the content that will be on that quiz starting on the previous Wednesday and we will do a variety of things in class and for homework that are designed to help them practice the skills that will be assessed.