Healthy Relationship <3

By: Aiden

Example of Not So Healthy Relationship :(

  • Lying - Lying is a bad thing when it comes to relationship because you can lost other's trust. From your friends, family, or girlfriend/ boyfriend
  • Cheating (Boyfriend/ Girlfriend) - You can hurt him/her feeling. When you put them in a position where they have to fight with another girl for you.

Examples of Healthy Relationships :)

  • Argument - After a "gentle" argument, we will learn more about others because you will know how they feel about you after an argument.
  • Supportive - You know you're a good person when you help, and encourage your lover, family, and friend to make them feel comfortable around you.
  • Privacy - If your partner or friend or family member is having a sad moment, give them their own privacy to get their feelings out of the way then cheer them on.
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How You Can Keep A Healthy Relationship

- If you have a girlfriend/ boyfriend. Please don't cheat on some others.

- Respect others

- Keep your privacy